A DIVINE Experience

Last Friday (July 22, 2011) was the fulfillment of a then-thought of fantasy. I got to meet THE Ms. Divine Lee at a showing of Care Divas (more on that later). My friend, Shirley, won tickets to see the show and I got to tag along. That particular  showing was produced by Ms. D to support her chosen charity, Child Haus. It was also a venue where she could reach out and meet some of her fierce followers.

Please notice my excited face XD Thanks to Shirley for the free ticket and for the chance to meet Divine.

Miss D was super kaduper nice! She was the one who approached us! We were so shy and starstruck that we ended up just staring at her. She noticed our fangirly giggles and came over to sign our magazines. And, she was more than gracious enough to pose for pictures.

Here’s my stolen shot of her as she tried to entertain the crowd. She was stalling the show so that those who were still in traffic may catch the start of the play. Super bait!!

Notice her fierce Kermit Tesoro shoes XD Lovely!

Another stolen shot as she signs autographs with her fierce followers after the play.

Here’s to the nicest, prettiest, funniest, loveliest and most glamorous Filipina out there. Love you Ms. D!


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