Super late post, I know, but school has been super hectic. Acads, org work and a like have been keeping my hands tied. There were even times when I didn’t go online from sheer fatigue. (gasp!) So, here’s my late, but still undeniably exciting, post about the funniest play I’ve ever seen.

A little background information about the play can be found here: Fierce, Fun and Flirty: CareDivas on the PETA Stage.

Thanks again to Shirley for getting me in for free. Though I was totally knackered and had to still go to school the next day for a soccer tournament, I went to the CareDivas showing last July 22, 2011 to meet Divine Lee (my post on that wonderful experience). What I didn’t expect was to be utterly blown away by the stars of the show.

Chelsea, the goody-two-shoes


Kyla, the songbird


Thalia, my favorite character (and Chix!)

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a decent picture of the two other Divas, Shai and Jonee. But here is one actor I couldn’t leave without having a picture with.

Me and the man with the many roles (mga 5 ata ginanapan nya)

We even saw Anne Curtis! I was too shy to get a picture taken with her though. So many people were asking for a photo and she kinda looked harassed. No matter, seeing her was enough for me. But not for my fangirl friends haha

Blurry >.< bbgirl needs an SLR haha

Well, that’s it for this star-studded event! So happy I was able to watch Care Divas before they went on tour. To the next musical!


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