It’s My Birthday-Eve! XD XD

(Supposed to be posted on Aug. 20 haha)

It’s my birthday today! I’m sooo excited to go to Everything at Steak later for my birthday celebration. Every time someone from the family has their birthday, it’s required that we go out to eat. No wonder I’m on the full-figured side. I love to eat, though, so my figure will have to take the back-burner. Another post on what we’ll be eating later but I want to share what I did yesterday as part of my pre-birthday ritual.

First, I finished my errands by shipping a client’s order of fimo rods and returning clothes from Flattering Tops. (Wait for my post on my first pull! So much backlog!) Since the drop-off point was in Greenbelt 1, I spent almost 2 1/2 hours on the road. Hello Makati traffic!

Fimo Rods I sell

Luckily, I got to Megamall at around 6pm. I went straight to Nail-a-Holics to avail of my free  manicure. Of course, it wouldn’t be a satisfying experience without getting a pedicure as well. Sorry I wasn’t able to take photos >.< My hands were being done simultaneously as my toes so I didn’t have time. Also, I was so relaxed and happy to finally get a manicure that I kinda spaced out.

Photo from

After my mani-pedi, I met my boyfriend at Forever 21 for some birthday shopping. All other boyfriends out there entering the “torture chamber” would be disheartened in an instant, but not mine. He was sweet enough to wander the racks with me and comment at how some stuff were waaaay overpriced. Still, some pieces were worth the bucks.

Did I mention, he gave me a bouquet? Best.Boyfriend.Ever!

Roses ❤

If F21 wasn’t harrowing enough, I dragged him to SM Department store to shop some more. Unfortunately, I didn’t get anything there since I wasn’t wow-ed by anything. It was a blessing in disguise since that meant money for BANCHETTO!


Went to Banchetto in Megatent for our pre-birthday dinner. Here’s what we ate:

Seafood Deep Dish Pizza

T-bone Steak from Gravy Train

Meat and Tomato Pasta

That plus a special empanada and cream puffs. Exhausted from the day of shopping and eating, I went home and slept. When I woke up, I got a cake from my sweet kuya. This is my favorite cake from Red Ribbon. Without eating breakfast (since I was still stuffed from Banchetto) I ate a slice right away.

Chocolate Mousse from Red Ribbon

And now, I’m waiting for my pancit malabon (lunch) and steak (dinner). Such a happy tummy!

Oh, and thanks for those who have greeted me thus far! Every “happy birthday” really means a lot. Loving turning 22!


2 responses to “It’s My Birthday-Eve! XD XD

  1. wew! im so excited to go to banchetto this friday =)

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