Why I’m Probably 10lbs heavier + Everything at Steak Review

Here’s my actual birthday celebration! I didn’t do too much, just chilled at home and stuffed my face. Got so many lovely greetings from everyone, warms the heart. Instead of regaling you with my boring day of doing nothing, let me give a short review of Everything at Steak.

Photo from themodernpinaywife.com

5 P. Guevarra St., San Juan (cor. V. Cruz)

Every year, I coerce my family into eating at a steak house. My mom isn’t too keen on so much meat so I have to bring out the “it’s my birthday” trump card. For this year, after reading so many reviews about it, I decided on Everything at Steak.

It’s a cozy restaurant that doesn’t spend too much time on glitz. The decor is very simple yet inviting. With only a handful of tables in the San Juan branch, it was lucky that we were seated without having to wait. I had heard that the dinner crowd sometimes got the place full.

My younger brother and I

As soon as we sat down, we were given the menus and the salivating began. I went with a lamb steak, original marinade with a side of mashed potatos. You are given the option to choose your cut, flavor and siding. We ordered the famous Moo fries for our starters and the Apple Crumble for dessert.

Moo Fries

Apple Crumble

Lamb Steak + Mashed Potatos

Bro's order: Rib eye + Twice Baked Potato

To be honest, it wasn’t the best tasting lamb I’ve had. Not at all. You could taste the grill, if that makes sense, and the sauces could use some help. With a bill of only 200php per order, I couldn’t really complain. The T-bone steak I had the night before was actually better, though. I guess, you can just charge it to experience.

What I loved about their food were the side dishes. The Moo fries are definitely a must-try and so was the Apple Crumble ala Mode. I’d definitely go back for those, though I’d skip the steaks. The Moo fries were sort of sweet. They probably used a spaghetti-type of sauce on it. The Apple Crumble was so good. The combination of the cold ice cream and the hot crumble was heavenly. The crust was perfectly crunchy and soft and the apples were perfectly cooked. My mom ordered a Squash Soup and a Ceasar Salad. She said the soup was good though I didn’t get to taste it.

Caesar Salad

Squash Soup

All in all, a 6/10. Like I said, I’d return for those side dishes.

After dinner, we headed over to White Hat for dessert part 2. Doing this made me fulfill my, then unknown, promise of steaks and yogurt every year.

All birthdays should be like this…shopping and then good steak and frozen yogurt…Spending the day with my favorite person…ME! ♥ And of course, my family…Here’s to being 20 🙂” – Me, 2009


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