The Beautiful Sport

Everyone in my college (at least those who know me) associates me with Football. I’m glad they do.

I’ve been playing Soccer since my fourth year in high school. It was the first time they offered the sport in my school and  I went ahead and tried out for the varsity team. Thing is, I’ve never played the game before that. Kinda arrogant, but that’s me. Luckily, I got into the team and my baptism into Soccer began.

Being as I don’t like to run, it was quite funny that I ended up loving a sport that makes its players run. I’m mostly a defensive player so I don’t really have to run the whole length of the field, thank goodness, but the trainings doesn’t make a distinction. I still had to do shuttle runs and jogs and exercises. My unfit body wasn’t happy. That year though was the year I felt my strongest and fittest.

After my fourth year, I joined the Xavier Football Club. I was the oldest one there but I was OK with that. That was the summer of Soccer for me. Got to train with the funnest people ever. Until now, no other team came close to ours in terms of camaraderie and over-all sillyness.

Fast-forward to college and me trying out for the varsity team. Unfortunately, I couldn’t cope with the late hours plus my academic requirements. I’m studying Chemical Engineering, by the way. It was really tough for me to juggle all of that so I decided to quit.

It’s a good thing the College of Engineering still gives me the chance to play. We have an annual Engineering Cup where Football is one of the major sports. I also have an org that has a lot of passionate soccer players so I get to have pick-me-ups sometimes. Phys. Ed. classes also lets me blow off steam and play a little footie. Even with all these avenues, I always yearn to play more.

And though I play a lot of different sports, Football will forever be my first love.


2 responses to “The Beautiful Sport

  1. This is the totla bomb. I love futebol too. I began playing in the fourth grade. Great post.

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