Zài Jiàn Hong Kong!

Here’s some of the things we did before bidding HK goodbye.

Look at that pool! This was the view from our hotel on the 20th floor. It is by far the largest swimming pool I have ever seen! Too bad I didn’t bring my swimsuit.

So, we started our day on a commute to Ngong Ping for some sight-seeing and shopping. Seeing as I am the group-appointed navigator, I studied the map and lead the way through the MTR station.

We arrived in Ngong Ping (in one piece) and quickly fell in line to ride the cable car to the top of one of their mountains. See those little dots along the greenery? Those are the cable cars.

This is the restaurant we ate at at our destination. We had a plate of duck and soy chicken with a bowl of shrimp wanton. We were supposed to visit the statue of Buddha (seen above) but we were running behind schedule.

Here we are going back down. We rode a crystal bottom car this time. Tres cool!

After the ride we stopped at the Citygate outlet store. It was my first time to enter shops of Diane von Furstenburg, Max Azria, Vivienne Tam and Burberry. Crazy! I didn’t get to buy anything for myself, of course, but it was all good. I promised myself that I’d bring my mom back there someday and get her everything she wants, no questions asked.

We hurried back to our hotel and waited for our pick-up to take us to the airport. Then, we said goodbye to HK and hello to Manila! I’ll definitely come back. Hopefully with me friends next time.


2 responses to “Zài Jiàn Hong Kong!

  1. Hey! It’s Tita Bona!!! She’s still looking young as ever!! 🙂

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