Eye Can See You

OK, I admit it was a lame attempt at an appropriate pun but with a title like that how can you resist LOOKING at my post :>

I’ve just recently purchased my very first DSLR camera. As a closet shutterbug, I was elated, excited, over the moon and <add witty hyperbole here>. Though I’m not really into professional photography, my friends can attest to my habit of randomly taking photographs of random things.

Now, I can do that without the awkward stares because people would think DSLR = professional photographer = randomly taking photos = OK.

But before I let my trusty point and shoot to rest, I’d like to pay an homage to its greatness. My Sony digital camera is no lightweight when it comes to quality photos. Truth be told, I probably don’t really need a DSLR because my digicam captures great photos. All my pictures thus far have come from my Sony camera and I’ve never complained yet.

To showcase its awesomeness even more, here are my two favorite shots. While waiting for my family inside a hot, stuffy car I decided to play around with pink ranger, as I secretly call my camera. With the close focus feature and my high tolerance for bright lights, I attempted to take a photo of my eye. Here are the results.

Creepy and yet wonderful. Who would think that these were taken by a 10 Megapixel camera. OK, so maybe experts can tell but to me, these are awesome photos shot by an awesome camera that I love.

So maybe I won’t put away pink ranger for good. I’d still use her for random days out and only take out red ranger, my DSLR, when there’s a special occasion.



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