Top 4 UK-Based Show You Should Be Watching


Skins was one of the first British shows I watched (and actively followed). I don’t remember how I found out about it but in no time at all I was hooked. I downloaded all the episodes I could and waited patiently for the next episodes to air. This was way back 2007, I think.

Now, the Skins I fell in love with had the First Gen cast. So, this recommendation and review only pertains to the First Gen kids. I have no love for the Second Gen (and stopped watching it after their first series). I stuck around for a bit to watch Effie and her new gang to just give the show the benefit of the doubt. Though it was entertaining at times, my heart just didn’t beat for them.

Anyway, back to the First Gen kids. I LOVE them. And I mean Looooove. For me, they were the epitome of the teenage lifestyle. Sex, lack of sex, insecurities, identity crises, belonging, being left out, fights, crushes, loves and most of all friendship. They had a certain freedom about them. More than being able to stay out all night partying, they had the devil may care attitude, the “let me go where the wind takes me” and the “I just don’t give a damn”. I mean, they went to Russia! I had fun watching them have fun and fall apart. I relished in all the unrequited love and the love taken for granted. I laughed and cried and laughed again. For fans of the series, you know what (or who) I am talking about.

They were young and wild and free and I loved them.

For me, the show was fueled by the characters. There wasn’t a central plot, no big bad to vanquish. It was all about the kids and how they lived they lives. It’s no surprise then that I lost interest when the cast changed. I’m not saying you shouldn’t watch the Second and Third generations, I just can’t recommend them. That goes ditto for Skins US.

After gushing like a little school girl, let me give you a little bit more about the show. Skins UK is about 8 teenagers.

Tony (the leader),

Sid (the bestfriend),

Michelle (the girlfriend),

Jal (the girlfriend’s friend),

Maxxie (the gay friend),

Anwar (the gay friend’s bestfriend who happens to be Muslim),

Chris (the slacker) and

Cassie (the recovering anorexic).

At first glance, it may seem like the show revolves around Tony, but each episode is dedicated to another character. Throughout the whole series, you fins out a little bit more about each person and fall in love with them afterwards. There’s a lot of sex scenes and even more swearing but once you get used to that, you really get into the meat of the show. And that is, like I said, the characters. They even have video shorts and I gobbled those up too.

This long-winded review has come to an end and I hope I have convinced you to at least try out an episode. Word of advice, start with the First Gen. Whether you’d like to continue and see the others, well that’s up to you.


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