Movie Review: 50/50 (Why It’s Good Company on a Rainy Night and Nothing More)

Since I’ve been watching a lot of movies lately (and have the thirst for doling out my opinion) I thought I’d post some movie reviews. Take note that I am not a film nut or a film student so themes and symbols may fly right over my head. Do not expect in-depth analyses on movies. Instead, expect lighthearted recommendations and thoughts. Also, I tend to judge movies on their (supposed) purpose. For example, if a comedy makes me laugh then it’s a good movie. If a horror-drama-action-thriller makes me laugh…well, expect some scathing remarks.

The first movie up for review is 2011’s 50/50.

It’s a small-budget film (based on a true story) about a young professional, Adam (Joseph Gordan-Levitt), who finds out he has cancer. Throughout the film, we see him struggle to accept an impossible fate. He meets a pair of elderly gentlemen who also have cancer and who takes him through the ropes of chemotherapy. His bestfriend tries to get girls by overplaying his disease and his girlfriend cheats on him with an older man. Adam also meets a psychiatrist who is younger than him and becomes his confidante.

True to the movie’s title, 50/50 is 50-50 for me. It’s not terrible but it’s nothing special either. The film has a quirky plot line and fun dialogue but there wasn’t anything that made me gasp or cry. You’d think that with a main character facing death, you’d have grand adventures or a bucket-list-type of film. Instead, 50/50 delivers a simple yet poignant view into accepting one’s fate and facing one’s fear of the unknown. The romance “twist” I spotted 20-30 minutes into the movie. There’s nothing surprising here but it’s a feel good movie worthy of a bag of chips and a comfy pillow.

There is a scene though that made my heart twinge a bit. I don’t want to spoil it, so I leave it to you guys to grab a copy and watch 50/50.


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