TV Shows (Regrettably/Obviously) Cancelled after Spring

I must confess, I am a TV addict. Though TV may be a misnomer since I rarely turn on my TV at all, I am obsessed with TV shows. I mostly watch US-based shows so I have to download episodes from the Internet then devour them on my laptop. I even joined a quiz-bee type contest in school about American TV Shows. We lost, but got really close to 1st place.

Anyway, being a TV-series junkie, I try to keep abreast of the renewed and cancelled US shows so I know which to watch out for in the next season. So, with the help of TV-Line, here is a lost of shows that are officially cancelled as of the Spring TV Season:

Obviously Cancelled (Shows that seemed weak for me and that I think deserve their quick exit from TV.)

Charlie’s Angels

Pan Am

The Finder

The Secret Circle

Regrettably Cancelled (Shows that I wish weren’t cancelled but see the logic in them ending.)

Man Up




Are You There, Chelsea?


Note: Though a lot more shows are cancelled than those mentioned, these are the only ones I’ve watched/tried to watch. I wouldn’t have an opinion of the others I haven’t even peeked at yet.

Next time, I’ll be posting a list of new shows for Fall.


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