Baking with Me!

So in an effort to force me to blog more, I have installed the WordPress blog on our family iPad. Now, I supposedly wouldn’t have any more excuses. Hopefully this works out. Take this post as my test post, just to see if my plan works 🙂

I have been on a baking streak recently. I used to love to bake but the products of my labors usually leave a lot to be desired. But now, I’ve come up with some treats that seem to be a hit with my friends. Truth be told I used mixes and instant things, but baby steps!


Here are three of my concoctions. On the far left are some cookies from leftover cookie dough. Then the one in frying pan is a pan fried s’more brownie but I burnt the brownie, unfortunately. My org mates devoured it still, so no loss 🙂 the last one is a slutty brownie. I’ve read a lot of posts from other blogs about this delectable delight so called because you’d feel dirty after eating it. The slutty brownie has 3 layers. Cookie dough, Oreos and brownies. I told you it was dirty. It’s so bad, it’s good.

Another cute creation is the cookie-marshmallow sandwich I made.


If any one wants a taste, I’ll be selling the slutty brownies and the cookie-marshmallow sandwiches in school on Monday 🙂 Hope people enjoy them XD


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