Bomb Girls: Girl Power during WW2 (and great TV)

I don’t really recall if I have had the pleasure of telling everyone how much I love Canadian shows. I’ve recently discovered two great shows: Lost Girl and Continuum. The former is about a succubus and the latter about a time-travelling cop. Though I simply loooove both shows, this post is about a different one: Bomb Girls.

Bomb Girls is a show that looks into the lives of women during the Second World War. While the men were out fighting, factories hired women to take their places in the production line. There are so many different reasons why I love this show, not the least of all the theme of Girl Power. Women weren’t looked at as equals during the 1940’s so it was interesting to look at the struggles women had to face during these times. This era was the “housewife era” where women were expected to stay at home to cook, clean, take care of the children and look pretty. But with the war, they were given the opportunity to work. Bomb Girls explore this change of the tide and presents WW2 from a woman’s point of view. Here’s a trailer to (hopefully) entice you to watch the show.


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