Just a Quickie (Hoy, wag bastos :P)


Something I do practically 100 times a day – be it from frustration, sadness, fatigue or as a poignant tool in annoying people. Now, I’m sighing because I haven’t posted-slash-updated my blog in so long. And I know this gripe of mine is a familiar one to my readers. “I’m not updating enough.” *sigh* “My last post was xxxx days ago.” *sigh* “I don’t have time to write.” *sigh*

With schoolwork taking over every waking (and not-so-waking) moment, I hardly have enough time to breathe, let alone write. But as work slowly consumes soul I am more and more reminded of my one true passion: writing.

I often tell my peers that they should follow their dreams and pursue their passions. If only I were following my own unsolicited advice. Alas, I’m far behind other ingenues who have found success in what they love. Today’s Top Ten from The Morning Rush sort of shook me a little and made me stop to think about the things I’d love to be doing. #FiveWordFantasies ? Live Comfortably From Writing Things. Also, Babies. And Dogs.

Let me end my quickie post with a promise.

I promise to write.

I may not be able to promise that I’d be a successful writer or that what I’d be writing would be good. Just that I will write. And in so doing hopefully keep the horrible monsters at bay.


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