Not-so-New-Year’s Drabbles (Part 2)

Okay, so I haven’t actually finished. I still have two to go but I felt like posting some sort of progress. (Just so I can say that I wrote stuff today ;)) Part 1 here.


Five miles outside he encampment where Gladys lived were makeshift patrol towers. Each one was erected under the Chief’s watch. He sed to be an engineer before the Meltdown, head of his own construction company in Chicago. Glady’s took a deep breath and started to climb. She could hardly remember life before the Meltdown, being a kid and all when it happened. She remembered trees, birds and clouds, though. They used to be pretty and not at all depressing. Nowadays, no one looks at the sky if they could help it. Especially those who remembered white clouds and orange sunsets.


Four out of the eight captains of the Retribution were present, each one wearing his or her company’s colors. The Chief stood at one corner observing the meeting. He wasn’t technically supposed to be there but the captain of the Black company requested for him. They all sat in a round table facing each other, maps and compasses littered on the table. Each captain sat rigidly, back straight and in varying degrees of distress. The absence of the remaining four captains were weighing against each person’s shoulders. It was going to be bloody and no one was going to like it.


3, 2, 1 fire! The squadron leader shouted amidst the noise already occupying the field. Loud shots followed his orders a men and women fired canons at targets. It was all in a day’s work testing the new merchandise. Steely Phil looked on, a clipboard in his meaty hands. He took down some figures and repositioned his ear protection. “50 percent off after the thousandth bought sir!” Steely shouted after the noise had died down. “Newest batch too!”. The squadron leader motioned for his troops to load again, all the while hardly acknowledging Phil’s presence. Boom, the sound of money.


Two more drabbles to go to complete my set. Hope you enjoyed! Hit the comments button to tell me what you think 🙂 ❤


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