Inggitera No More

I’ve noticed over the past few months that I’ve been envying a lot of my peers more frequently. I envy their rockin new bod or recent travel to (insert beautiful island/country here). I envy how they have job offers or high salaries. I envy how many friends they have or how active their instagram account is. My secret envy of my friends and acquaintances has been getting me nothing but down. So, I’m posting this confession so that I would no longer let the envy for material things fester within me. I believe that by telling the world my secret, I can let it go and move on.

I vow not to be envy of anyone again, or at least try not to. I don’t know what they gave up for what they have or how much they worked for it. Instead of cursing the gods for not showering me with unlimited funds or a fast metabolism, I choose to work harder for what I want. I choose to have my objects of envy become my inspirations.

We all have different journeys in life…And I guess mine starts with not looking at where others are and focusing on where I am going.


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