Ninak: Asian Food Fiesta

All photos courtesy of my boyfriend on his Cherry Mobile Omega HD. Great camera on a phone, no?Image

Finally! Another Kapitolyo Walking Food Tour post! I realize it’s been a while but I haven’t had the impetus to take photos as I ate in the past. It’s always been order, food, lamon. Well, I thought it prudent to start up again and fill my blog with some yummy food (albeit to also drown out all the ramblings of recent posts).

Anyway! Welcome to Ninak. One of the newer restaurants in Kapitolyo. Situated where Adobo Republic once was, this Asian restaurant takes on the hefty challenge of surviving past a year. I’ve been living in Kapitolyo all my life, and this particular spot has had its share of failed businesses. Hopefully, Ninak doesn’t succumb to the curse but only time can tell.

To be honest, I’m not really sure what cuisine Ninak specializes in. It’s sort of a mix of different Asian dishes. I did overhear a man, who I assumed to be the owner, talk about the place being Singaporean and Malaysian and Thai, etc to one of the guests.

My boyfriend and I decided to have a quiet dinner out last April 27,2013. We rounded the corner from my home, which is literally just some footsteps away, and entered Ninak. The decor was very spartan. Bare tables, white plates, unadorned chairs. I guess modern minimalist design was the peg for the restaurant. We were seated quickly as there weren’t many patrons yet. Here’s what we ordered:


Lamb Massaman Curry

Soooo delicious. As a fan of lamb (sorry Lambchop!), I thoroughly enjoyed this dish. First of all, it’s a huge serving. We thought it best to order just one viand to be split between the two of us, but even our combined stomachs weren’t enough for this dish. Not to say we had any leftovers. The lamb was so good that we “forced” ourselves to finish off the serving. The curry wasn’t too spicy (just the way I liked it but my boyfriend wanted it a little spicier) and the meat was very tender. Gold stars from me! 🙂


Ninak Rice

Nothing too spectacular about the rice. Quite ordinary and the serving size was a bit small. I’m not sure if it’s because my boyfriend and I really enjoy eating rice with our meal or if the serving really wasn’t enough for two. But as pinoys know, you can’t eat certain viands without rice.


Turon Halo-Halo

A disappointment here. The serving was, again, too small for the price point. I mean, it’s just turon right? Apologies from the cheapskate in me 🙂 It was OK. It was quite tough, though, and not that flavorful. My boyfriend noted that one fast food chain’s fried halo-halo was better (sorry I forget >.<).

So, all-in-all, a quaint little spot for dinner. Something to try at least once, especially if you love Asian cuisine. Though maybe I should try their other dishes before giving a final verdict. For now, I say “yes” to questions about visiting the Kaptiloyo branch of Ninak. Mid-level, price-wise. Our total bill ended up being around 500+php for everything.


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