Well, this post went on longer than expected…


My new favorite thing to say when words fail me. Jusko is a phonetic spelling of the phrase “Diyos ko” or “my God”. Or at least, that’s how I see it. For me, it’s the Filipino version of OMG. 

In times wherein I find myself lost for words or horrified beyond belief, I utter “Jusko” to myself and maybe to those in my immediate vicinity. This usually happens when I witness something so unimaginable or incredible that I have to call up to the heavens as if saying, “My God, why have you forsaken me?”. Actually, forsaken the poor poor person doing/saying the incredulous thing I am sadly privy to. 

This makes me sound like a snooty snoot, I know. I’m perpetually fanning myself and complaining about today’s youth. I’m really an old southern lady feeling faint at the sight of impropriety. 

So if you hear me saying “Jusko”, or worse “Jusko ko Lord”, know that I am judging someone or something. Judge along with me, feel free. Or judge me for being judgmental. Or judge for yourself whether I’m judging the judged person fairly. 


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