Camp Nanowrimo, trying to publish and more!

Hi there! It’s me, your friendly neighborhood lazy blogger. (Though I hesitate to call myself a blogger for superficial reasons. I would like to label myself as an online journal-er. Journal writer? Diarist?)

Today, I wanted to share with everyone my journey as a writer. I find it silly to call myself a writer, having not published anything “officially” yet at the same time I don’t have anything else to call myself. Writing has always been in my life as far back as I can remember. I don’t think there was one defining moment where I told myself, “Self, you are a writer.” I just was.

I remember my very first story. It was about a curse and a witch. Yes, my genre is fantasy and sci-fi even then. I wrote it back when computers were running on Windows ’93. I also vaguely remember trying to write a newsletter about the death of Princess Diana. (Please stop guessing my age).

All throughout gradeschool, I recall writing stories, acting in plays and reading tons of books. Highschool was pretty much the same except with more homework and an anxious feeling about college. No, I did not get a degree in Creative Writing or Literature. I guess I was in denial. Instead, I worked hard for 6 years to earn a degree in Chemical Engineering. I had a brief moment with a student organization where I wrote a couple of stories and was the EIC of the my college’s paper but for the most part, I stopped writing (for fun) during those six years.

I did, however, discover the world of freelance writing! I began to earn money from writing about security cameras, exercise routines, health and wellness, and more. I felt that this time honed my professional writing yet not my creative writing.

Let’s break up this wall of text with images of coffee (another thing I discovered in college):


Now that I‘m done learning about heat exchangers and transport phenomena, I’m back to my first love: writing. Here’s a lowdown on my creative and not-so-creative endeavors.

1. Camp Nanowrimo

I’ve tried desperately to win at Nanowrimo in the past. 50,000 words were never reached. I was way too busy with school to immerse myself in the frenzy that is National Novel Writing Month. This July, however, there is Camp Nanowrimo! Sort of a practice run for first-timers and a training program for veterans of Nanowrimo. This July, I’m pledging to write 25,000 words. My novel is in the sci-fi genre this time around. Hoping to finish and share it with you all 🙂

2. Freelancing

Yes, I’m still working as a freelance writer. Bb girl’s got to eat (and shop and watch movies). For those who want to start a career being a freelance writer, feel free to ask me about getting started 🙂

3. HI!

I’m also now working with my boyfriend on a new endeavor which hopes to give advice on real estate to those looking for help. I’ll be posting links as soon as it’s up 🙂

4. Starting out the road to publishing

As of now, I DO NOT have a novel ready to be shown to potential publishers. I am, however, looking at calls for submission for short story anthologies. There’s surprisingly a lot of those. Hoping to submit something by this October and another one next January. Interested in submitting too? Sound off in the comments 🙂

I do tend to rattle off, don’t I. I think I’ll end this post here and try to update everyone on the many many writing challenges I’ve set for myself. Hopefully, I get to do all four things on my list. Oh yeah! I’m also reviewing for my Chemical Engineering board exams this November. Wish me luck!


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