Sleepy Hollow and Dads: TV Review


And no, I don’t mean time to review for my Chemical Engineering Board Exams (which I really should be doing). I mean time to review some of the new shows that just aired this past week. It’s Fall TV Season and my laptop is once again laboring to function on about 8GB of space left because I just had to download about 10-15 episodes this week.

Aside from the returning shows, I also stuffed my hard drive with the first episodes of Sleepy Hollow and Dads. Here’s my take on the two new shows.

DADS (Fox, airs Tuesdays)

At first, I wasn’t sold on Dads. Basing it primarily on the written description of the show, I wasn’t planning on catching it. But, after seeing the trailer a few months back, I decided to give it a try.

The first episode was fun, funny and alright. It did make me guffaw and the jokes did land but I doubt this show will survive. For one, the premise itself isn’t interesting enough to last another season. Basically, the show is about two best friends who both have difficult dads. Cue awkward situations and racist old farts. That’s about it. For a show to last, it needs to have a twist or a little something to carry it past its opening week.

Take Cougar Town, for example. The original concept of the show was a how an older woman is trying to date younger men. OK, fun premise, enough to make you watch a few funny episodes. But then, the show transformed into something else. The “dating younger men” plot disappeared and the show became about a bunch of quirky characters hanging out, having fun and building a new family.

In short, Dads is not like Cougar Town. Watch it if you have half and hour to kill and want something light to watch. Sadly, I predict a short season and an early cancellation.

SLEEPY HOLLOW (Fox, airs Mondays)

Sleepy Hollow is a retelling of the popular tale of the headless horseman. And though no one can beat Johnny Depp, I was intrigued by this modern take. It starts off with the main character, Ichobod Crane, rising from the dead and entering 2013.

At first, I thought that this show wouldn’t make it past the first season. The story reads like a movie more than a series. But as I went through the episode, I quickly got the feeling that this could definitely branch off into other plots and story arcs. Witches, covens, demons and time travelling british dudes. I predict a fun romp into the world of Sleepy Hollow this Fall.

I do have a little issue with some of the characters. The female lead, Abbie, isn’t as interesting as I’d hoped. She’s a spunky detective who rebels against the rules to help out dear Ichobod. Sadly, I didn’t feel any sympathy for her. I wasn’t rooting for her to succeed. We’ll see if the writers have some material to make her more special. For now, I see her as a cookie-cutter character. So, yes, go watch Sleepy Hollow. It’s a great new show with a promising future.


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