I’ve been away from my WordPress for so long that the UI has changed. I am now thoroughly confused. As much time as I spend in front of a computer, I still get bamboozled with new things.

Anyway, I just wanted to write for a bit before my brain implodes. I’m under so much pressure from work that I don’t know where I’m going to put it all. I’ve resigned to sleeping the night away instead of worrying about it which is, understandably, counterproductive.

But wait! Yes, I’m working right now, but more on that on a separate post. I’ve also been to Japan recently…but again, more on that when I don’t feel like stabbing myself in the eye and then eating a tub of cookie dough ice cream.

Think of this post as a little purge. I need to release some pressure for the sake of my brain’s structural integrity. Expect a lot of randomness, DON’T expect things to make a whole lot of sense.

Look dogs! ❤

I just finished watching “Date and Switch”. It’s one part romantic comedy one part coming of age and one part bromance. Movies like this (and Kings of Summer) make me wish I was a bro and had a bromance of my own. Alas, it is not meant to be as I am a dame.

The work environment is confusing. Blurring of professional and personal is quite evident. And, it’s surprising the number of people in the workforce who doesn’t seem to have left highschool yet. Maturity is hard to come by. 

Relationships are hard. 

Recently stumbled upon this blog:

It’s super great! If you’re feeling down, heartbroken or confused, visit this blog! I guarantee a smile (and maybe an epiphany or two.)

Well, that’s it for my mini post. Hoping that after August (tagal teh) I’ll be able to really update my blog. 🙂  


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