Get To Know Me

I didn’t create my blog’s name/url because there’s a fake me. It all started with a funny misunderstanding. My little brother used my email account to create his twitter account since he didn’t have an email address yet. So, as social networking things go, my friends started to follow him thinking it was me. Long story short, I wanted to clarify that I was myself when I made my own twitter account. I liked the sound of “therealmyca” so I decided to use it here as well.

This is the real me. No ghostwriting, no keyword-dense paragraphs and no fake stalker accounts. I’m currently a student at the University of the Philippines. I love trying new things and discovering different places so here’s my online journal about my foray into the urban jungle. No paid advertising here. I promise. If I like something, you’ll know it. Hopefully, you’ll like it too.


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