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Gastronomical Delights at Vikings

Vikings Luxury Buffet – Seaside Blvd., SM Mall of Asia
Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines

My apologies for yet another hiatus on the blog front. I was just really really busy with summer school and my OJT (details on a separate post). Anyway, here’s a review and long-ish post about one of the popular buffets in town, Vikings!

So, the family and I visited this buffet by the sea in honor of my mom’s birthday. We had to reserve a table almost a week in advance since it was such a sought-after restaurant. Mom wanted to have a birthday lunch instead of dinner since my brother had to go to work in the evening. And because Vikings was quite a distance from our house, I decided to take the whole day off my OJT to dine here. Let me tell you, it was totally worth missing a day at the office.

Vikings is located at the Seaside Boulevard in Pasay. It’s quite near the Mall of Asia but it isn’t inside the mall itself. It’s one among the many restaurant by the bay. You have to turn into One Esplanade to get there.

By now, I’m guessing a lot of people are familiar with the “cook-it-yourself” buffet craze hitting Metro Manila. We have Yakimix, Sambo Kojin, Tong Yang, Seoul Garden and many more. These restaurants are popular because they let their customers cook their own meals on hot plates or in boiling soups right at their table.

With the advent of these kinds of buffets, regular buffets have been trying to win back the dining crowd with more selections and better food. Being a frequent visitor to Dad’s/Saisaiki/Kamayan in the past, I’ve had my fair share of buffets. Not to mention all the breakfast buffets we were wont to enjoy during trips abroad. So, when my mom told me we were going to a buffet for her birthday, I wasn’t all that titillated. Though she would go on and on about the variety and number of foods in Vikings, I dismissed it as just another buffet resto. Well, I was wrong.

For those of you who love to eat at buffets, Vikings is a must-try. I can guarantee you won’t be able to eat everything in this place in one visit. You’d need at least three or four to accomplish that feat.

Since my mom told me that they had a sushi portion, I went straight to that table as soon as we got it. I was amazed by all the colors and types of sushi available. For those who love siomai, they have a wide array of those as well. In truth, the photos I have on this post doesn’t cover even 30% of the food at Vikings. I was just a little too timid to go snapping with all the people lining up and grabbing food.

Lots of people in Vikings! Remember to reserve a table in advance!

After getting my fill of the sushi and siomai, I had my customary meat platter. This is when I don’t have anything on my plate but meat. The name kind of gives it away but I wanted to explain anyway. In order to prevent getting prematurely full, I opted to pair my meat platter with some salad and soup. Their Clam Chowder was really good though I didn’t care much for their Waldorf salad. No photos of my platter with all the meat in it though. I kinda forgot all about taking pictures once I was on a bingeing roll. Anyway, I got a few slices of lamb, roast beef and tenderloin. Mom said they served the big steaks during dinner but the lamb was plenty enough for me. I paired them with some Mushroom Sauce. The roast beef was a bit of a let down, though. It was quite dry, even smothered in sauce. The tenderloin was a little under cooked but my dad went back to the lamb and tenderloin station to have it cooked again. Oh, I forgot to mention that these were cooked on site, or while you wait. You can also do the same for seafood. So, it’s kind of a hybrid of the cook-it-yourself and regular buffets.

After delighting in my meat platter, I went and got some oysters as a light intermission plate. Yes, they have oysters! Delicious! One tip I’d like to share with you if you’re thinking of going to Vikings is to first go around the whole restaurant before grabbing a plate. And I mean AROUND the restaurant. This would give you an idea of what you want to eat and what the whole restaurant has to offer. I thought I did this the first time but I kept finding new tables and new food every time I got up. Needless to say, I missed out on a lot of the food because I didn’t explore enough. No matter, if I ever come back I’d know where to head to.

Didn’t get to try these! Didn’t see them right away:(

They have a wide array of food available. They have dishes from Japan, China, Thailand and (if I’m not mistaken) Malaysia. Filipino dishes are also present and accounted for. So, pick your battles and just get the food you’d really really want to try. Vikings does charge 100php/100g of unfinished food.

After I got my fill of the delicious main courses, I headed on over to the dessert section. I was amazed with the sheer number of desserts there! They had not one but three fondue fountains; one chocolate, one ube and one strawberry.

They had around 9 flavors of ice cream and a yogurt dispenser (vanilla and strawberry flavored). I went with the yogurt and some cakes. I suggest you visit the dessert section at the very end of your meal. That’s because the moment you see the desserts, you’d want to get in there right away. Only meander that way when you’ve had your fill of the other dishes.

I’d definitely come back! Even just to sample more of the food that I passed over. Here are some tips I’d like to hand out for those who want to visit Vikings.


1) Reserve a table at least a week before you intend to visit.

2) If you’re about to celebrate your birthday, do it at Vikings! Birthday celebrants dine for free! Just make sure to bring proof of your birthdate (e.g. driver’s license).

3) Buffet Rates: WEEKDAYS: Lunch – 688php | Dinner – 888php

WEEKENDS/HOLIDAYS: Lunch & Dinner 1,088php

*Dinner serves Angus Beef.

4) Just get food that you really want to try. Don’t just fill your plate with everything you see. Remember, they charge 100php/100g of leftover food.

5) Do a whole circuit of the place before filling your plate. Know every dish available and select the ones you’d like to eat.