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Why I Like the Sound of My Own Voice

I admit that I enjoy hearing my voice. Not through singing, of course, but through speaking. It’s a little skill I’ve been developing since highschool with the Debate Club and with joining public speaking contests.

Last month, I was graced with the opportunity to be host/emcee at two events that happened one after the other.

The first was for my organization’s (UP Eng’gSoc) event entitled “Alay sa Inhinyero” held last August 24. It’s a thanksgiving and awarding ceremony for outstanding faculty members of our College. Luckily, I had a co-host, Cor, who weathered the bad lighting and lengthy script with me. Here’s what I wore:

BCBG Max Azria dress

Me and Cor

When I woke up the next day, I had to prepare my mind and soul (choz) for my second hosting gig. This time, it was for another one of my organizations, UP ARISE. I was hosting one of their seminars focusing on our five core values. I had the pleasure of hosting the one about Vision with Ms. Aubrey Eslita (owner of The Royal Tea). Since I’ve been attending events left and right during August, I had to be creative and come up with an outfit I hadn’t worn yet.

Belly Basics dress, Forever 21 necklace, Just G. belt.

You read that right, Belly Basics. The LBD I wore was my mom’s old maternity dress. Shows you just what a little ingenuity can achieve. Luckily, I pulled off the look and even got some compliments on it. Should try mixing and matching clothes more often. Do mind the fireworks-inspired bedspread XD


My First Pull! *clapclap*

I’ve been promising/teasing you, dear readers, for a month now about my first ever pull. I’ve just been so busy with my other writing assignments that I didn’t have the time to have this post. But here it is! No more waiting!

A little intro to the event I did the pull for.

My organization, UP Engineering Society, has an annual kick-off party to start off our anniversary month. Ever year, we have an acoustic battle of the bands competition as well as a fashion show. This year, I was in charge of finding clothing sponsors for our fashion show. I suggested we contact different online clothing stores since they have been popping up like mushrooms in the last few years. I also thought that they may be more willing to lend us clothes since this could be a way of advertising their brand.

I didn’t really know how magazines or other stylists do their pulls so I just went with sending emails to as many online shops as I can. Of course, I picked those which I loved. Having been very active in the bazaar scene the past summer gave me an idea of the styles and usual stocks of various stores.

In the end, two brands agreed to sponsor us: Flattering Tops and Zoo. I was beyond ecstatic that I got two sponsors!

So, I picked up the clothes and brought all of them to our go-see and photoshoot. I was so paranoid and OC with the clothes since I’d have to pay for them if there were any damages. I didn’t let the models take them home to fit or alter and I made sure I had an eye on all the items 24/7.

I didn’t have garment bags so I went with garbage bags instead! Clean ones, of course. I also had to learn how to assemble a clothing rack and hang up clothes of different types.

During the actual shoot, I was running around fixing the fit of some clothes, drying others that got a little wet due to the rain, fixing shoes, assisting the photographer, taking BTS shots, speaking with the models, etc. (Get ready for pictures mostly of my back XD)

Our photographer: Ted Manansala

I couldn’t have done it all alone so I was so glad I had my orgmates to help me.

(L-R) Sir Chester Tan, Joyce, Philip, Cor, Sir Ted Manansala, Iel, Louie

In the end, we had a fabulous shoot, despite the rain, and all the clothes made it back to my home safely. After the photoshoot, the next activity was the fashion show. Again, I had to bring everything inside the venue, assemble the clothes rack, assemble the backstage area, have lights ready, prep the models, orient the models, look after the runway, cue the models, lights and sound, and pack everything up after the show. I wasn’t able to get dressed or dolled up until I finished all that.

Whew! Good thing my boyfriend was there to help me out and to take me to an awesome dinner after. We went to Brothers Burger and Cafe Breton. Yummy in my tummy! Then, we returned to the venue to party with everyone.

One of my only photos at the event. Too busy!

My work didn’t end with the event, however. There was still the returns to do. So, I looked at each detail of each garment and made sure there weren’t any spills, smudges or stains. I only got to breath again after I got all the clothes safely back to their owners.

It’s hard work (started with a braid but then lost my hair tie) but I learned so much and I hope to be able to do more pulls in the future.

Why I’m Probably 10lbs heavier + Everything at Steak Review

Here’s my actual birthday celebration! I didn’t do too much, just chilled at home and stuffed my face. Got so many lovely greetings from everyone, warms the heart. Instead of regaling you with my boring day of doing nothing, let me give a short review of Everything at Steak.

Photo from themodernpinaywife.com

5 P. Guevarra St., San Juan (cor. V. Cruz)

Every year, I coerce my family into eating at a steak house. My mom isn’t too keen on so much meat so I have to bring out the “it’s my birthday” trump card. For this year, after reading so many reviews about it, I decided on Everything at Steak.

It’s a cozy restaurant that doesn’t spend too much time on glitz. The decor is very simple yet inviting. With only a handful of tables in the San Juan branch, it was lucky that we were seated without having to wait. I had heard that the dinner crowd sometimes got the place full.

My younger brother and I

As soon as we sat down, we were given the menus and the salivating began. I went with a lamb steak, original marinade with a side of mashed potatos. You are given the option to choose your cut, flavor and siding. We ordered the famous Moo fries for our starters and the Apple Crumble for dessert.

Moo Fries

Apple Crumble

Lamb Steak + Mashed Potatos

Bro's order: Rib eye + Twice Baked Potato

To be honest, it wasn’t the best tasting lamb I’ve had. Not at all. You could taste the grill, if that makes sense, and the sauces could use some help. With a bill of only 200php per order, I couldn’t really complain. The T-bone steak I had the night before was actually better, though. I guess, you can just charge it to experience.

What I loved about their food were the side dishes. The Moo fries are definitely a must-try and so was the Apple Crumble ala Mode. I’d definitely go back for those, though I’d skip the steaks. The Moo fries were sort of sweet. They probably used a spaghetti-type of sauce on it. The Apple Crumble was so good. The combination of the cold ice cream and the hot crumble was heavenly. The crust was perfectly crunchy and soft and the apples were perfectly cooked. My mom ordered a Squash Soup and a Ceasar Salad. She said the soup was good though I didn’t get to taste it.

Caesar Salad

Squash Soup

All in all, a 6/10. Like I said, I’d return for those side dishes.

After dinner, we headed over to White Hat for dessert part 2. Doing this made me fulfill my, then unknown, promise of steaks and yogurt every year.

All birthdays should be like this…shopping and then good steak and frozen yogurt…Spending the day with my favorite person…ME! ♥ And of course, my family…Here’s to being 20 🙂” – Me, 2009

It’s My Birthday-Eve! XD XD

(Supposed to be posted on Aug. 20 haha)

It’s my birthday today! I’m sooo excited to go to Everything at Steak later for my birthday celebration. Every time someone from the family has their birthday, it’s required that we go out to eat. No wonder I’m on the full-figured side. I love to eat, though, so my figure will have to take the back-burner. Another post on what we’ll be eating later but I want to share what I did yesterday as part of my pre-birthday ritual.

First, I finished my errands by shipping a client’s order of fimo rods and returning clothes from Flattering Tops. (Wait for my post on my first pull! So much backlog!) Since the drop-off point was in Greenbelt 1, I spent almost 2 1/2 hours on the road. Hello Makati traffic!

Fimo Rods I sell

Luckily, I got to Megamall at around 6pm. I went straight to Nail-a-Holics to avail of my free  manicure. Of course, it wouldn’t be a satisfying experience without getting a pedicure as well. Sorry I wasn’t able to take photos >.< My hands were being done simultaneously as my toes so I didn’t have time. Also, I was so relaxed and happy to finally get a manicure that I kinda spaced out.

Photo from whoanails.com

After my mani-pedi, I met my boyfriend at Forever 21 for some birthday shopping. All other boyfriends out there entering the “torture chamber” would be disheartened in an instant, but not mine. He was sweet enough to wander the racks with me and comment at how some stuff were waaaay overpriced. Still, some pieces were worth the bucks.

Did I mention, he gave me a bouquet? Best.Boyfriend.Ever!

Roses ❤

If F21 wasn’t harrowing enough, I dragged him to SM Department store to shop some more. Unfortunately, I didn’t get anything there since I wasn’t wow-ed by anything. It was a blessing in disguise since that meant money for BANCHETTO!

From Yodisphere.com

Went to Banchetto in Megatent for our pre-birthday dinner. Here’s what we ate:

Seafood Deep Dish Pizza

T-bone Steak from Gravy Train

Meat and Tomato Pasta

That plus a special empanada and cream puffs. Exhausted from the day of shopping and eating, I went home and slept. When I woke up, I got a cake from my sweet kuya. This is my favorite cake from Red Ribbon. Without eating breakfast (since I was still stuffed from Banchetto) I ate a slice right away.

Chocolate Mousse from Red Ribbon

And now, I’m waiting for my pancit malabon (lunch) and steak (dinner). Such a happy tummy!

Oh, and thanks for those who have greeted me thus far! Every “happy birthday” really means a lot. Loving turning 22!

TGIT (Thank God It’s Thursday!)

Well, not quite yet. I am beyond excited though for my last class to end tomorrow (and for our ACLE to finish) so that I can head over to Chatime and have a mini-reunion with some of my best friends.

We haven’t seen each other in years! We used to all live in the same “compound” or “townhomes” back when we were little things. Since then, one’s become a certified engineer (I think! Life updates still pending), one’s become a famous tv personality and another has formed a band and is now working in ABS-CBN. What diverse lives we lead. More in-detail post after tomorrow. I’ll try to rummage some “before” pictures and do a before-and-after segment in my blog. Won’t my friends be ever so grateful?

Around 24 hours until I get to my mini-reunion and I’m so excited I can’t stand myself. It’s a good thing I don’t have that many academics-related things to do.

Another reason (besides my incoherent ramblings) I thought to post was to make everyone head over to Celine’s blog!

Celine (Celli-bermacelli as I used to call her) is one of the friends I’ll be meeting with tomorrow. She’s a graduate of the De La Salle University, Chemical Engineering as well. She writes the awesome-st food blog I’ve seen so far. I love that I have no idea that these restaurants existed in the Philippines ( let alone Manila) in the first place. More than that, the way she writes is divine. People who know me IRL know that I am such a stickler for English. Reading her blog gives me hope ❤ So, less rambling and more happy prodding of people to go check her out! Pictures to get you curious:

So head on over there and join me in salivating over all the yummy eats.

Get Styled! Let me DrESs you UP! Eng’gSoc’s ACLE

UP Eng’g Soc presents
Let Me DrESs You UP
An ACLE dedicated to bring out the fashionable side of EVERYONE
Freebies and GCs will be given away!
Everyone has a chance to be styled! On-the-spot make-over!
Guest speakers and stylists include:
Love chic (http://lovechic.com.ph/)
Aisa Ipac (http://ipaxme.blogspot.com/)

Jear De McCuttac (http://jearhype.blogspot.com/)
Nikki Sunga (http://nikkisunga.tumblr.com/)
and Lexi Gancayco (http://lexithesecond.tumblr.co​m/)