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Kapitolyo Walking Food Tour Part 2: Ramen Cool

Last December 30, my family and I were all set to go watch the lights show at Ayala Triangle. Unfortunately, my brother got sick so we had to cancel our plans. Instead of staying home, we decided to walk to a newly opened restaurant just a handful of meters away.

Ramen Cool opened just this month and I was so excited to try it. Looking at the exterior alone enticed me very much. Add to that the fact that I love Japanese food and the dinner was so on.

It’s not only the outside that was gorgeous, as soon as you enter, you’re welcomed by modern decorations. Check out the cute art on the walls and the interesting lamps on the ceiling.

The design on the panes intrigued me. It had a sense of the traditional Japanese aesthetic yet kept it modern by applying it to glass. Enough about the pretty, on to the food!

Pictured below is one of their bestsellers, the Beef Ramen. The broth was quite tasty, similar to miso, and the beef was good as well. I didn’t have this order but took a few spoonfuls by myself.

Here’s what I had, the Seafood Ramen. To be honest, it was quite a let down. The soup was bland and there was fewer noodles than I expected. My dad added a lot of spicy powder and oil to make it enjoyable. I ended up coughing a lot but it was better than the original flavor, which was lacking.

We ordered California Love which is simply California Maki with some crab on top. It was so-so, quite ordinary. And their wasabe wasn’t the authentic one.

Here is my favorite dish of the night. It was another bestseller, their Spicy Chicken. It was so good, we had to order another plate. I highly recommend this dish if you were planning on visiting Ramen Cool.

Here’s me full from a big meal and my dad to the side paying the bill. We also ordered some dessert which consisted of soft-serve ice cream topped with Choc Nut with a surprise base of mashed sweet potato. YUM!

If I hadn’t tried an authentic ramen place beforehand, I would recommend Ramen Cool. But, my friends and I had already eaten at Shinjuku Ramen House and the difference between the two places is staggering. I guess I’d call Ramen Cool a mainstream Ramen house, for those not too picky about their ramen. Even the names on the menu suggested that this was a restaurant for those who want simplified Japanese cuisine.

The food at Shinjuku had all these weird names I was hard-pressed to pronounce and all these weird ingredients I couldn’t name. The flavors were also very foreign to my taste buds. Here’s a review of the place and some more information from a random blog I looked up. Shinjuku Ramen House.

If you’re not too picky about your ramen and want a cool place to hang out with your family or friends, then a trip to Ramen Cool would suffice. Just be sure to bring cash as they are still at their soft opening stage and the prices can be quite steep (for students like me, anyway).

Ramen Cool is located at the corner of East and West Capitol Drive in Barangay Kapitolyo, Pasig City. Here’s the Google Maps snapshot for reference (I included Shaw blvd. and Pioneer St. just as landmarks. Look towards the bottom-center of the map to find the corner of East and West Capitol):

Ramen Cool now stands where Kamarada used to be, FYI.


Hey, I’m a ChemEngg Student! (Plus pics of football and more of Melia’s first bazaar)

With all my posts on fun things like food and my online store, some of you may be forgetting what I’m majoring in at college. Well, to remind everyone, I’m studying Chemical Engineering at the University of the Philippines, Diliman. Here are some photos of what I do when I’m at school.

So here we have the Reynolds experiment set-up. For the nerds out there, like me, you’d know that the Reynolds number defines the flow regime of a particular fluid. The Reynolds experiment was conducted by Osborne Reynolds in order to better define these flow regimes. What came about was a quantity that could define a particular flow as laminar or turbulent.

The task we were handed was to recreate the experiment and even incorporate another aspect of the flow of fluids to it. What that is my groupmates and I are unsure of as of the moment. For suggestions, comment away! I’m sure I’m not the only Chemical Engineering student on the web. We’re looking into hysteresis but are still unsure how to design our experiment around it.

Anyway, on to the photos!

My hardworking groupmates hard at work ๐Ÿ™‚ And me, snapping away. Don’t worry this is just the preliminary checking stage. We were just looking to make sure everything worked. I will be helping out during the actual experiment.

Here we have our laboratory’s old old old old condenser. I don’t think anyone uses it anymore >.<

More pipes and things ๐Ÿ™‚

Well, enough of the engineering stuff. I am also an avid football player, if you all recall. Though it’s been a while, I still get tingles whenever I’m on the field. Unfortunately, I was only on the field because I had to help officiate a tournament. I didn’t actually play ๐Ÿ˜ฆ But I did get to kick around the ball with my orgmates for a bit. My spikes really missed the mud and grass. Sigh. I wonder when I’ll be able to play again.

I was so jealous of everyone playing ๐Ÿ˜ฆ At least the whole tournament when without a hitch. Congratulations to the Eng’gSoccer heads, Kero and Noelyn! Everyone seemed happy. Special mention to Laya FC! Thanks for officiating.

In reference to my previous post, I found more pictures from the organizers.

I promise, I’ll be joining more bazaars in the future. And, I’ll be more prepared ๐Ÿ™‚

Melia’s First Bazaar!

Last Dec. 2-3, 2011 I took a deep breath and joined my first ever bazaar! It was the Christmas Wishes Bazaar held in The Bahay ng Alumni organized by U & Ur Events Management Specialists.

Needless to say, there were a lot of bumps and potholes along the way. I wasn’t able to make back my investment, sadly. Also, my supposed booth partner wasn’t able to make it so I had to shoulder their half. I didn’t think it was right to ask for their half if they didn’t use the space, though they offered. I’ll just charge it to experience.

Here’s what our booth looked like all set-up. That’s my boyfriend accompanying me and tirelessly supporting my online shop. He also has his own business. Check out —> DTS Marketingย if you’re interested in starting your own foodcart business, looking for real estate or investing in an e-load business.

Day two, we found someone to share our booth with us. With so much space, it seemed a waste to just have it all to ourselves. Here’s our new booth-mate. They were selling cosmetics, bags, clothes, etc. The owner gave me tips on how to go about joining another bazaar. He said that I should sell everything and anything I could in order to get back the rental for the stall and make a profit. I’m noting that down for future endeavors.

Here’s my personal business card. We had them printed ourselves so if you’re looking for affordable and quality business cards, send me an email or comment here ๐Ÿ™‚

I got to meet a lot of nice people during the bazaar. The sellers beside me were nice and I even found myself looking forward to the second day just to see them again. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get their contact details ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Next time I decide to join a bazaar, I’ll be more aggressive and plan my strategy better. As they say, learn from your mistakes. And while this experience wasn’t as fruitful as I’d hope, it was still a great thing to be part of.