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Italian Delights at Balboa, East Wing Shangrila

Last November 30, 2013, the family and I went out to celebrate my becoming a licensed engineer. We planned for dinner + a movie at Shangrila’s East Wing. I had a difficult time deciding where we would eat. Do I want Chinese food? Japanese? Italian? Would I want to eat at a buffet or a regular ala carte resto? So many choices!

I went online and saw 2 interesting (and new) restaurants at the East Wing. There was Balboa and Corazon. Thankfully they were on the same floor so it wouldn’t be a hassle to just get to the mall and decide on the spot.

We ended up eating at Balboa. Here’s my simple review.



Lasagna, Family Size, 509php

The menu specified that the meat in this lasagna was Angus Beef. Yum. My dad said that this was the way Italian lasagna was made, not at all like the Filipino lasagna I was expecting. It was a little on the bland side, for me. I think it could have done with a little more cheese since the bits of cheese I tasted were delish.


All Meat Pizza, Family size, 668php

As meat-eaters, my family thoroughly enjoyed this pizza. Again, it’s made in the Italian thin crust style with delicious cheeses and various meats. I recommend this dish highly. It’s not too filling or greasy, unlike most popular pizzas you’d encounter in the Philippines.


Osso Bucco Milanes, 448php

My favorite dish had to be the Osso Bucco Milanes. It’s beef shanks in some wonderful sauce. (Sorry, I wasn’t able to read the description on the menu). The meat was tender and very very flavorful. I only wished we ordered another one! The rice was OK, nothing special. I exclaimed that if this is what thier beef shanks tasted like, imagine how their steaks are :O

All-in-all Balboa is a sure-visit for fans of Italian fare. Though it is quite pricey (read: very pricey, I’d like to thank my sponsors mom and dad), the experience of eating there would surely make up for the empty space in your wallet.

However! I did not enjoy eating by the side of the restaurant. When we arrived, the place was full and we had to dine at the tables outside. While this may be a good idea if you’re living in the South of France in Springtime, it is not a good idea when dining in a busy mall.

The area where Balboa is situated is a particularly busy one with no less than 4 results in the vicinity. What’s more, the corridor where we ate was very narrow as it shared space with Corazon and its outside diners. There was zero ambiance as my family and I had to shout to hear one another and pedestrians kept hitting the back of my chair. It also made it difficult for us to call on the attention of the servers. I don’t know if it was poor planning on Shangrila’s part or on Balboa’s but having a restaurant with very little space inside for diners (I counted 5 or 6 tables only!) is quite vexing.

I’m not so sure if I’d like to come back. The food is really good and I’m curious about the other menu items, but my experience with eating in the corridor left a bitter aftertaste.


Ninak: Asian Food Fiesta

All photos courtesy of my boyfriend on his Cherry Mobile Omega HD. Great camera on a phone, no?Image

Finally! Another Kapitolyo Walking Food Tour post! I realize it’s been a while but I haven’t had the impetus to take photos as I ate in the past. It’s always been order, food, lamon. Well, I thought it prudent to start up again and fill my blog with some yummy food (albeit to also drown out all the ramblings of recent posts).

Anyway! Welcome to Ninak. One of the newer restaurants in Kapitolyo. Situated where Adobo Republic once was, this Asian restaurant takes on the hefty challenge of surviving past a year. I’ve been living in Kapitolyo all my life, and this particular spot has had its share of failed businesses. Hopefully, Ninak doesn’t succumb to the curse but only time can tell.

To be honest, I’m not really sure what cuisine Ninak specializes in. It’s sort of a mix of different Asian dishes. I did overhear a man, who I assumed to be the owner, talk about the place being Singaporean and Malaysian and Thai, etc to one of the guests.

My boyfriend and I decided to have a quiet dinner out last April 27,2013. We rounded the corner from my home, which is literally just some footsteps away, and entered Ninak. The decor was very spartan. Bare tables, white plates, unadorned chairs. I guess modern minimalist design was the peg for the restaurant. We were seated quickly as there weren’t many patrons yet. Here’s what we ordered:


Lamb Massaman Curry

Soooo delicious. As a fan of lamb (sorry Lambchop!), I thoroughly enjoyed this dish. First of all, it’s a huge serving. We thought it best to order just one viand to be split between the two of us, but even our combined stomachs weren’t enough for this dish. Not to say we had any leftovers. The lamb was so good that we “forced” ourselves to finish off the serving. The curry wasn’t too spicy (just the way I liked it but my boyfriend wanted it a little spicier) and the meat was very tender. Gold stars from me! 🙂


Ninak Rice

Nothing too spectacular about the rice. Quite ordinary and the serving size was a bit small. I’m not sure if it’s because my boyfriend and I really enjoy eating rice with our meal or if the serving really wasn’t enough for two. But as pinoys know, you can’t eat certain viands without rice.


Turon Halo-Halo

A disappointment here. The serving was, again, too small for the price point. I mean, it’s just turon right? Apologies from the cheapskate in me 🙂 It was OK. It was quite tough, though, and not that flavorful. My boyfriend noted that one fast food chain’s fried halo-halo was better (sorry I forget >.<).

So, all-in-all, a quaint little spot for dinner. Something to try at least once, especially if you love Asian cuisine. Though maybe I should try their other dishes before giving a final verdict. For now, I say “yes” to questions about visiting the Kaptiloyo branch of Ninak. Mid-level, price-wise. Our total bill ended up being around 500+php for everything.

Late Late Late Review: Zensho (Did I mention this is late?)

Due to reasons known (school, life, work, life), I have put this review off for far too long! Let me emphasize this fact more by saying that we ate at Zensho for my dad’s birthday, which was last May 17, 2012. But, let us put my tardiness aside and focus on the yummy goodness that is Zensho.

Located in the bustling Tomas Morato, Zensho is an all-you-can-eat Japanese restaurant with a new twist. No, it’s not one of those places where you cook the food yourself. Zensho is actually a sit down (or ala carte) buffet restaurant. (Check out the map below, Zensho is the A).

That’s right, ala carte buffet. Oxymoron? Confusing? Delicious? Yes, to all three. So here’s the deal. You sit down at your table and you are given a checklist. The checklist is simply their menu. You tick off the dishes you want and hand them over to the waiter. You can even specify the number of orders per dish. Then, after waiting a while, you get served and then if you want more just ask for the list and check off some things again.

Each dish comes in a hearty serving, just slightly less than the usual short orders. Sometimes 2 dishes are combined into one plate. That’s optimization for you. Below is a photo os my favorite dish, the lamb. Yum yum in my tum tum. Needless to say, but I shall anyway, I ate a lot of meat that night. Lamb and tenderloin and teriyaki oh my!

Here’s a serving of the salmon and tuna sashimi (above) and of the ebi tempura that we probably ordered 4 of (below).

Delicious oysters smothered in cheese! Imagine getting plate after plate of this. Divine.

We ordered a lot more than I could take photos of. My family isn’t really one to stop eating just so I can snap a picture. But nevertheless, I hope I gave you a look inside Zensho. A must-try place for sure! Just be prepared to be stuffed and to gorge.

Baking with Me!

So in an effort to force me to blog more, I have installed the WordPress blog on our family iPad. Now, I supposedly wouldn’t have any more excuses. Hopefully this works out. Take this post as my test post, just to see if my plan works 🙂

I have been on a baking streak recently. I used to love to bake but the products of my labors usually leave a lot to be desired. But now, I’ve come up with some treats that seem to be a hit with my friends. Truth be told I used mixes and instant things, but baby steps!


Here are three of my concoctions. On the far left are some cookies from leftover cookie dough. Then the one in frying pan is a pan fried s’more brownie but I burnt the brownie, unfortunately. My org mates devoured it still, so no loss 🙂 the last one is a slutty brownie. I’ve read a lot of posts from other blogs about this delectable delight so called because you’d feel dirty after eating it. The slutty brownie has 3 layers. Cookie dough, Oreos and brownies. I told you it was dirty. It’s so bad, it’s good.

Another cute creation is the cookie-marshmallow sandwich I made.


If any one wants a taste, I’ll be selling the slutty brownies and the cookie-marshmallow sandwiches in school on Monday 🙂 Hope people enjoy them XD

Siopao After Shopping

A few hours ago, my mom and I came home from an afternoon of shopping at Greenhills. We were buying clothes for our upcoming trip to Cebu. With all the walking around that comes with shopping in Greenhills (girls, you know what I’m talking about), we both built up quite an appetite. So, before we headed home, mom bought delicious siopao from Chocfull of nuts.

From r4f43l.multiply.com

With a name like that, I was expecting more…well, nuts! Instead, my mom bought an order of siomai and four orders of siopao. Now, not being a fan of siopao, I didn’t really get what the big deal with their siopao was. But mom said that people flock to Chocfull of nuts just for their siopao.

Siopao, or hot buns, is a popular treat for Filipinos. These are steamed buns filled with meat. Though originally from the Chinese, the siopao has since evolved into a Filipino staple.

Siopao can be seen almost everywhere in the Philippines. You may encounter a food stall on the corner of the street and 3 times out of 4 it would be selling siopao. Every Chinese restaurant is bound to have one on their menu.

From 500daysofkissingmypillow.tumblr.com

Know Your Siopao

There are different variants of the siopao in the Philippines. The main area of variety comes with the filling.

Asado – Here, the meat is either cooked in a sweet stew or accompanied by a sweet sauce.

Bola-Bola – Translating into “ball”, the bola-bola siopao simply uses a meatball as its filling. The meat can either be pork or chicken.

Gastronomical Delights at Vikings

Vikings Luxury Buffet – Seaside Blvd., SM Mall of Asia
Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines

My apologies for yet another hiatus on the blog front. I was just really really busy with summer school and my OJT (details on a separate post). Anyway, here’s a review and long-ish post about one of the popular buffets in town, Vikings!

So, the family and I visited this buffet by the sea in honor of my mom’s birthday. We had to reserve a table almost a week in advance since it was such a sought-after restaurant. Mom wanted to have a birthday lunch instead of dinner since my brother had to go to work in the evening. And because Vikings was quite a distance from our house, I decided to take the whole day off my OJT to dine here. Let me tell you, it was totally worth missing a day at the office.

Vikings is located at the Seaside Boulevard in Pasay. It’s quite near the Mall of Asia but it isn’t inside the mall itself. It’s one among the many restaurant by the bay. You have to turn into One Esplanade to get there.

By now, I’m guessing a lot of people are familiar with the “cook-it-yourself” buffet craze hitting Metro Manila. We have Yakimix, Sambo Kojin, Tong Yang, Seoul Garden and many more. These restaurants are popular because they let their customers cook their own meals on hot plates or in boiling soups right at their table.

With the advent of these kinds of buffets, regular buffets have been trying to win back the dining crowd with more selections and better food. Being a frequent visitor to Dad’s/Saisaiki/Kamayan in the past, I’ve had my fair share of buffets. Not to mention all the breakfast buffets we were wont to enjoy during trips abroad. So, when my mom told me we were going to a buffet for her birthday, I wasn’t all that titillated. Though she would go on and on about the variety and number of foods in Vikings, I dismissed it as just another buffet resto. Well, I was wrong.

For those of you who love to eat at buffets, Vikings is a must-try. I can guarantee you won’t be able to eat everything in this place in one visit. You’d need at least three or four to accomplish that feat.

Since my mom told me that they had a sushi portion, I went straight to that table as soon as we got it. I was amazed by all the colors and types of sushi available. For those who love siomai, they have a wide array of those as well. In truth, the photos I have on this post doesn’t cover even 30% of the food at Vikings. I was just a little too timid to go snapping with all the people lining up and grabbing food.

Lots of people in Vikings! Remember to reserve a table in advance!

After getting my fill of the sushi and siomai, I had my customary meat platter. This is when I don’t have anything on my plate but meat. The name kind of gives it away but I wanted to explain anyway. In order to prevent getting prematurely full, I opted to pair my meat platter with some salad and soup. Their Clam Chowder was really good though I didn’t care much for their Waldorf salad. No photos of my platter with all the meat in it though. I kinda forgot all about taking pictures once I was on a bingeing roll. Anyway, I got a few slices of lamb, roast beef and tenderloin. Mom said they served the big steaks during dinner but the lamb was plenty enough for me. I paired them with some Mushroom Sauce. The roast beef was a bit of a let down, though. It was quite dry, even smothered in sauce. The tenderloin was a little under cooked but my dad went back to the lamb and tenderloin station to have it cooked again. Oh, I forgot to mention that these were cooked on site, or while you wait. You can also do the same for seafood. So, it’s kind of a hybrid of the cook-it-yourself and regular buffets.

After delighting in my meat platter, I went and got some oysters as a light intermission plate. Yes, they have oysters! Delicious! One tip I’d like to share with you if you’re thinking of going to Vikings is to first go around the whole restaurant before grabbing a plate. And I mean AROUND the restaurant. This would give you an idea of what you want to eat and what the whole restaurant has to offer. I thought I did this the first time but I kept finding new tables and new food every time I got up. Needless to say, I missed out on a lot of the food because I didn’t explore enough. No matter, if I ever come back I’d know where to head to.

Didn’t get to try these! Didn’t see them right away:(

They have a wide array of food available. They have dishes from Japan, China, Thailand and (if I’m not mistaken) Malaysia. Filipino dishes are also present and accounted for. So, pick your battles and just get the food you’d really really want to try. Vikings does charge 100php/100g of unfinished food.

After I got my fill of the delicious main courses, I headed on over to the dessert section. I was amazed with the sheer number of desserts there! They had not one but three fondue fountains; one chocolate, one ube and one strawberry.

They had around 9 flavors of ice cream and a yogurt dispenser (vanilla and strawberry flavored). I went with the yogurt and some cakes. I suggest you visit the dessert section at the very end of your meal. That’s because the moment you see the desserts, you’d want to get in there right away. Only meander that way when you’ve had your fill of the other dishes.

I’d definitely come back! Even just to sample more of the food that I passed over. Here are some tips I’d like to hand out for those who want to visit Vikings.


1) Reserve a table at least a week before you intend to visit.

2) If you’re about to celebrate your birthday, do it at Vikings! Birthday celebrants dine for free! Just make sure to bring proof of your birthdate (e.g. driver’s license).

3) Buffet Rates: WEEKDAYS: Lunch – 688php | Dinner – 888php

WEEKENDS/HOLIDAYS: Lunch & Dinner 1,088php

*Dinner serves Angus Beef.

4) Just get food that you really want to try. Don’t just fill your plate with everything you see. Remember, they charge 100php/100g of leftover food.

5) Do a whole circuit of the place before filling your plate. Know every dish available and select the ones you’d like to eat.

Kapitolyo Walking Food Tour Part 2: Ramen Cool

Last December 30, my family and I were all set to go watch the lights show at Ayala Triangle. Unfortunately, my brother got sick so we had to cancel our plans. Instead of staying home, we decided to walk to a newly opened restaurant just a handful of meters away.

Ramen Cool opened just this month and I was so excited to try it. Looking at the exterior alone enticed me very much. Add to that the fact that I love Japanese food and the dinner was so on.

It’s not only the outside that was gorgeous, as soon as you enter, you’re welcomed by modern decorations. Check out the cute art on the walls and the interesting lamps on the ceiling.

The design on the panes intrigued me. It had a sense of the traditional Japanese aesthetic yet kept it modern by applying it to glass. Enough about the pretty, on to the food!

Pictured below is one of their bestsellers, the Beef Ramen. The broth was quite tasty, similar to miso, and the beef was good as well. I didn’t have this order but took a few spoonfuls by myself.

Here’s what I had, the Seafood Ramen. To be honest, it was quite a let down. The soup was bland and there was fewer noodles than I expected. My dad added a lot of spicy powder and oil to make it enjoyable. I ended up coughing a lot but it was better than the original flavor, which was lacking.

We ordered California Love which is simply California Maki with some crab on top. It was so-so, quite ordinary. And their wasabe wasn’t the authentic one.

Here is my favorite dish of the night. It was another bestseller, their Spicy Chicken. It was so good, we had to order another plate. I highly recommend this dish if you were planning on visiting Ramen Cool.

Here’s me full from a big meal and my dad to the side paying the bill. We also ordered some dessert which consisted of soft-serve ice cream topped with Choc Nut with a surprise base of mashed sweet potato. YUM!

If I hadn’t tried an authentic ramen place beforehand, I would recommend Ramen Cool. But, my friends and I had already eaten at Shinjuku Ramen House and the difference between the two places is staggering. I guess I’d call Ramen Cool a mainstream Ramen house, for those not too picky about their ramen. Even the names on the menu suggested that this was a restaurant for those who want simplified Japanese cuisine.

The food at Shinjuku had all these weird names I was hard-pressed to pronounce and all these weird ingredients I couldn’t name. The flavors were also very foreign to my taste buds. Here’s a review of the place and some more information from a random blog I looked up. Shinjuku Ramen House.

If you’re not too picky about your ramen and want a cool place to hang out with your family or friends, then a trip to Ramen Cool would suffice. Just be sure to bring cash as they are still at their soft opening stage and the prices can be quite steep (for students like me, anyway).

Ramen Cool is located at the corner of East and West Capitol Drive in Barangay Kapitolyo, Pasig City. Here’s the Google Maps snapshot for reference (I included Shaw blvd. and Pioneer St. just as landmarks. Look towards the bottom-center of the map to find the corner of East and West Capitol):

Ramen Cool now stands where Kamarada used to be, FYI.

The Kapitolyo Walking Food Tour Part 1

As promised, here’s part one of my food tour of Kapitolyo XD

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Kapitolyo and it’s burgeoning food scene, here’s a map to the small yet lively community where restaurants of all kinds are popping up.

Our first stop was Thai Dara located along East Capitol Drive, near the corner of San Francisco. My kuya was planning on treating us for dinner since he just got his first job this November. Thai Dara was walking distance from our house so we decided to check it out. Now, my family has been to Thailand so we had high hopes for the food here. We are all avid fans of Thai food.

We started off with the Tom Yum soup. I for one was disappointed with it. I was expecting a sweet, sour and spicy soup but this one was just spicy. My mom loved it, though, so I guess it depends on your taste.

One of my favorite dishes of the evening was the Pomelo Salad. Though it didn’t have a lot of veggies in it and the serving was quite small, I’d recommend Thai Dara first-timers to order it. It’s a great complement to the heavier dishes such as the Pad Thai and the Satay.

Next was the Pad Thai. My kuya and I loved their Pad Thai. It was a bit sweet but still didn’t lose it’s flavor. The noodles were also firm and not smushy. I can’t describe it but it’s one of the best Pad Thai’s I’ve tasted. If you’ve tasted Pad Thai from Thailand before, it’s almost 100% similar to the authentic dish. Though considered street food in Thailand, Pad Thai for me is one of the indicators of a good Thai restaurant.

The next dish was something new we haven’t tried before. It’s the Basil Chicken. Like it’s name suggests, it’s shredded chicken flavored with Basil. It’s a different taste than what you would expect from a chicken dish. The Basil flavor was strong without being overpowering. It’s has a sense of freshness in your mouth once you take a bite.

Another classic Thai dish, Pork Satay. The meat was really good. I’m very particular with the taste of the meat itself without the sauce. It was yummy but the peanut sauce was nothing special.

Our dessert was sticky rice with mango. Sorry for the blurry shot, I only had 10 seconds to snap a photo before my kuya and mom devoured everything. The rice was goooood. The consistency was great, not too sticky and not at all runny.

(Edit: Went back recently to Thai Dara for Mother’s Day and had Nom Tuk and Green Chicken Curry. I recommend both very much! Num Tok is a beef dish that is often described as a beef salad. It’s very good. The Chicken Curry was also delicious, creamy and just the right amount of spicy. Great dishes)

While the three of us were having dessert in Thai Dara, my dad and younger brother snuck off to CAB Cafe just across the street. They ordered a delicious Banana Cream Pie. Unfortunately, by the time we got there, it was already half-eaten. So much for the photo-op. Instead, let me tempt you with other cakes they had on display.

Here ends part one of the Kapitolyo food tour. I hope I gave you an idea of which restaurants to visit if you were ever in the neighborhood. Until next time!

Singapura Day 1 & 2 – Sun, Rain and Roller Coasters



My family and I went to Singapore last Nov. 27-30, 2011. It wasn’t the same ole family vacay this time since there were 3 families traveling this time.

Once again we traveled by night so I didn’t take any pictures when we got there. Even before boarding the plane we had a mini-adventure.

My mom forgot to bring her credit card (the one she used to pay for all our tickets) and the check-in counter wouldn’t let us check in. We arrived at the airport at around 6pm but just got to the plane right before take-off (at around 7:30pm). So, a lesson to all travelers out there. Bring your credit card! Or pay in cash 🙂

So, let’s skip to day 2. The fam and I went to Universal studios via a cable car. 

Last year, I went to Singapore and Universal Studios with my mom and her officemates. Unfortunately, the Battlestar Galactica ride was still under construction. I looked in awe at the twisting rails and the intersecting red and blue lines. We left there without me riding the beast that is the Cylon track. One year later (almost to the day), I came back and the ride was open. I wasted no time and rode the Cylon with my kuya before doing anything else.

Let me tell you, this was the best roller coaster ever. In my 22 years of riding on roller coasters (every chance I got), I have to say the Cylon line in the Battlestar Galactica ride trumps them all. By the end, I was so spent and my voice was so hoarse that you’d think a mass murderer chased me down Orchard Road. I was lucky enough to ride it 2x and each time was fantastic! I even got to ride the red line with my younger brother and it was a treat as well.

After riding all the rides, we decided to catch the showing of Waterworld. I had already seen it last year so I was a little jaded. The kids though (5 of them all 12 yrs old and below) would enjoy it. We ended up sitting in the Splash zone and well, we did get splashed. The opening warm-up for the show was to have these three guys randomly spraying/dumping water on to the audience. We were targeted since we had umbrella-shields up. We weren’t soaked, though so it was all good. Then, it began to rain. The main show area was open so it was dangerous for the actors to do stunts on the slippery platforms. What’s more, the pyrotechnics probably wouldn’t go off. The show was delayed an hour. Finally, the rain abated and they could begin. As the show started, one of the stunt guys got caught in his rappelling system and couldn’t get down. Talk about bad luck. The show got cancelled and we left.

We had to leave Universal earlier than I expected because it started to rain again and the kids with us were tired. So, we got picked up and our bus driver dropped up off at a nearby hawkers’ stalls. It was literally beside our hotel so we decided to have an afternoon snack.

I bought wanton soup and was surprised not to find noodles. :)) The food was delicious and so authentic. One of my favorites was the desserts. Pictures above was our favored dessert place. There were all sorts of iced-treats. Ice Kachang was my instant fave. Another one I tried was the Chim Chow w/ Longan (sort of like lychee and gulaman). If it weren’t for the threat of sore throat I’d probably have bought one dessert per meal.

Days one and two were both tiring and fulfilling at the same time. I remembered why I loved Singapore and why I loved to travel.

Here are some of our travel stats in case you were planning to go as well.

Hotel: Concorde Hotel (in the center of Orchard Rd, beside hawker stalls and above a foodcourt that has affordable meals from S$3-S$8)

Transportation to Universal Studios: S$55 one way (for 13 persons, arranged by our hotel)

Price of food at the hawkers stalls: S$5-$10

Fun fan/spray contraption that helps you cool down = S$19 (inside Universal Studios, super worth it. Singapore was hot plus you can use it in the Philippines.)

Singapore exchange rate: S$1 = approx. 34php



Why I’m Probably 10lbs heavier + Everything at Steak Review

Here’s my actual birthday celebration! I didn’t do too much, just chilled at home and stuffed my face. Got so many lovely greetings from everyone, warms the heart. Instead of regaling you with my boring day of doing nothing, let me give a short review of Everything at Steak.

Photo from themodernpinaywife.com

5 P. Guevarra St., San Juan (cor. V. Cruz)

Every year, I coerce my family into eating at a steak house. My mom isn’t too keen on so much meat so I have to bring out the “it’s my birthday” trump card. For this year, after reading so many reviews about it, I decided on Everything at Steak.

It’s a cozy restaurant that doesn’t spend too much time on glitz. The decor is very simple yet inviting. With only a handful of tables in the San Juan branch, it was lucky that we were seated without having to wait. I had heard that the dinner crowd sometimes got the place full.

My younger brother and I

As soon as we sat down, we were given the menus and the salivating began. I went with a lamb steak, original marinade with a side of mashed potatos. You are given the option to choose your cut, flavor and siding. We ordered the famous Moo fries for our starters and the Apple Crumble for dessert.

Moo Fries

Apple Crumble

Lamb Steak + Mashed Potatos

Bro's order: Rib eye + Twice Baked Potato

To be honest, it wasn’t the best tasting lamb I’ve had. Not at all. You could taste the grill, if that makes sense, and the sauces could use some help. With a bill of only 200php per order, I couldn’t really complain. The T-bone steak I had the night before was actually better, though. I guess, you can just charge it to experience.

What I loved about their food were the side dishes. The Moo fries are definitely a must-try and so was the Apple Crumble ala Mode. I’d definitely go back for those, though I’d skip the steaks. The Moo fries were sort of sweet. They probably used a spaghetti-type of sauce on it. The Apple Crumble was so good. The combination of the cold ice cream and the hot crumble was heavenly. The crust was perfectly crunchy and soft and the apples were perfectly cooked. My mom ordered a Squash Soup and a Ceasar Salad. She said the soup was good though I didn’t get to taste it.

Caesar Salad

Squash Soup

All in all, a 6/10. Like I said, I’d return for those side dishes.

After dinner, we headed over to White Hat for dessert part 2. Doing this made me fulfill my, then unknown, promise of steaks and yogurt every year.

All birthdays should be like this…shopping and then good steak and frozen yogurt…Spending the day with my favorite person…ME! ♥ And of course, my family…Here’s to being 20 🙂” – Me, 2009