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Greenhills Shopping Haul: Cheap and Cheerful

In relation to my previous post about siopao, I wanted to share with everyone what I bought in GH. Don’t worry, I won’t be doing this everytime I go out and buy something. I just wanted to share with you the awesome bargains I got in Greenhills.

First off, it’s been a long time since I’ve been to GH to shop. Apparently, it’s been getting a face lift. There are new buildings being built and there’s central airconditioning almost everywhere! It makes shopping there so much more fun.

I love buying stuff from GH because you can haggle your way to a reasonable price. You can’t do that in malls. I don’t usually go shopping for myself because I find a lot of things overpriced these days. A shirt shouldn’t cost more than a thousand pesos and shoes shouldn’t exceed 2 thousand.

So, I was really excited to get these two items for such a bargain!

The top was only 150php and the flats were 350php. I couldn’t believe it! So with 500 bucks I was able to buy a cute summer top and a pair of flats for school.

I don’t wear a lot of heels so these flats are so handy. Being from UP means I do a lot of walking during classes so I need a pair of flats to get me through the day. Because of the “rough terrain” and the unpredictable weather in UP, I tend to murder my flats quite often. As such, I don’t want to be buying an expensive pair then end up just ruining them. These P350 flats are perfect. And so comfortable too!

I just love love love the print on this top. I’m going through an Aztec/Tribal print stage right now so this caught me eye. The loose fit is also welcome since I am not, currently, in the best shape of my life. Also, the colors are so summery! All-in-all a great find for P150.

Can’t wait to go back to GH. I kinda lost my mind in the Fabric Warehouse there. Hopefully, I find a good (and cheap) seamstress soon so I can try having some personal designs come to life.

Where are your favorite bargain shopping places?


Siopao After Shopping

A few hours ago, my mom and I came home from an afternoon of shopping at Greenhills. We were buying clothes for our upcoming trip to Cebu. With all the walking around that comes with shopping in Greenhills (girls, you know what I’m talking about), we both built up quite an appetite. So, before we headed home, mom bought delicious siopao from Chocfull of nuts.

From r4f43l.multiply.com

With a name like that, I was expecting more…well, nuts! Instead, my mom bought an order of siomai and four orders of siopao. Now, not being a fan of siopao, I didn’t really get what the big deal with their siopao was. But mom said that people flock to Chocfull of nuts just for their siopao.

Siopao, or hot buns, is a popular treat for Filipinos. These are steamed buns filled with meat. Though originally from the Chinese, the siopao has since evolved into a Filipino staple.

Siopao can be seen almost everywhere in the Philippines. You may encounter a food stall on the corner of the street and 3 times out of 4 it would be selling siopao. Every Chinese restaurant is bound to have one on their menu.

From 500daysofkissingmypillow.tumblr.com

Know Your Siopao

There are different variants of the siopao in the Philippines. The main area of variety comes with the filling.

Asado – Here, the meat is either cooked in a sweet stew or accompanied by a sweet sauce.

Bola-Bola – Translating into “ball”, the bola-bola siopao simply uses a meatball as its filling. The meat can either be pork or chicken.