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Zài Jiàn Hong Kong!

Here’s some of the things we did before bidding HK goodbye.

Look at that pool! This was the view from our hotel on the 20th floor. It is by far the largest swimming pool I have ever seen! Too bad I didn’t bring my swimsuit.

So, we started our day on a commute to Ngong Ping for some sight-seeing and shopping. Seeing as I am the group-appointed navigator, I studied the map and lead the way through the MTR station.

We arrived in Ngong Ping (in one piece) and quickly fell in line to ride the cable car to the top of one of their mountains. See those little dots along the greenery? Those are the cable cars.

This is the restaurant we ate at at our destination. We had a plate of duck and soy chicken with a bowl of shrimp wanton. We were supposed to visit the statue of Buddha (seen above) but we were running behind schedule.

Here we are going back down. We rode a crystal bottom car this time. Tres cool!

After the ride we stopped at the Citygate outlet store. It was my first time to enter shops of Diane von Furstenburg, Max Azria, Vivienne Tam and Burberry. Crazy! I didn’t get to buy anything for myself, of course, but it was all good. I promised myself that I’d bring my mom back there someday and get her everything she wants, no questions asked.

We hurried back to our hotel and waited for our pick-up to take us to the airport. Then, we said goodbye to HK and hello to Manila! I’ll definitely come back. Hopefully with me friends next time.


HK Day 2 : Haggardo Versoza!

So, here we have day two of my HK getaway (get away from homework and school haha). Our second day was extra extra tiring since we had to squeeze everything in today. So let me show you a montage of everything we did.

(But first, something I forgot to mention. Hello! Train inside the airport! So cool)

Like the MRT only faster and within the airport.

So, the next pictures are basically what we did all day. From 8:30 am to 1:00 am. (Plus an hour and a half of studying on my part.)

Places we visited: Avenue of the Stars, Victoria Peak (midway only though) and Hong Kong Disneyland.

Not photographed: Hong Kong Jewelry store, Chocolate store (forgot the brand eek! But they gave out free samples like nobody’s business), then after Disneyland was the Women’s Market. Where I finally got to eat my favorite food from Cafe de Corral.

Got some Gong Cha too! The caffeine really woke me up. Good thing too since I still had to do some studying after we got back to the hotel. Hong Kong Gong Cha has a lot more flavors and add-ons than the Gong Cha I visited in SM North Edsa. Tried the seaweed jelly, their form of nata I suppose. Yummy in my tummy. Went home soon after at around 12:30am. Got to the hotel at 1 am with a belly full of tea and bags of new clothes. Might post the awesome things I bought hehe.

Well, that’s it for day 2. Longest day under the hottest sun ever! Day 3 post soon!

HK Day 1 (And My Last Day in Manila)

Or should I say Night 1. It was my first time to fly at night and the experience was anything but pleasant. Sure you have the whole day to prepare for your upcoming departure and not have to rush to the airport but once you get to your destination, you’re so tired and useless that all you do is collapse into bed. At least, that’s what happened to me.

In the morning, I had to attend our practical exam for PE and write my exam for NatSci2. Then I met my uncle for lunch at Crazy Katsu in Maginhawa followed by a short trip to Moonleaf with my boyfriend. While waiting for him to arrive, I bought these cool vintage shades.

They were selling it as part of Tanglaw, a fund-raising project for the Ephpheta Foundation for the Blind by the ID179 Class, UP BSID 2012. Some of the eyewear were very worn and some even crooked but with patience, you’d definitely find that diamond in the rough. Look here for more items from them. See how much I used it in HK.

I headed home but stopped by a bank to do some mystery shopping for my mom. I was supposed to pose as a customer and assess their customer service. It was really fun and I was sniggering to myself the whole time. So much bull coming out of my mouth, it was hilarious.

After my short detour I went home to pack. We had about an hour to go before we had to leave so manic packing took place. We ended up taking up a lot of space in our suitcase, though. My mom and I got a little worried we might not have enough room for all the stuff we were going to buy. Time to test out my compact packing skills.

Finally, we arrived at NAIA 3 ready to board the plane. We just had to go through 2 hours of traffic but hey, that’s life. Fortunately, our companions got to check-in right as the counter closed so we all got inside the plane in time for take-off. It’s weird, it was the first time I rode a plane where the food didn’t come with the ticket. A day of firsts for me. 100 pesos for cup noodles. Crazy.

We left Manila roughly 7:30pm and landed maybe around 10:45pm (according to my trusty FB status update). We got to the hotel around 12:30am already and I don’t know why. I mean, we were told the hotel was only 15 mins away from the airport. Ow well. Here’s the view:

You know you’re in HK when there’s a whole island allocated for the shipyards. The room was tiny, teeny-tiny. I wasn’t used to such a small room. The thing I loved about it though was the great closet-slash-table-slash-refrigirator. They do space-saving right in HK.


Will be MIA this weekend (no CDC, no DW, no TW, no TVD for me D: ) because of a short trip to Hong Kong with my mom and her officemates. I hope to get a lot of new stuff! yay!

Hope everyone in the Philippines misses me (choz).

Leaving in a few minutes. Super kadooper excited! The only wrench in this perfect clock would be the fact that I have exams on Monday and Tuesday. Bummer! Here’s to studying in the hotel haha. Will not let that get me down! (or stop me from shopping)