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New Year’s Drabbles 2013 (Part 1)

Drabble – a work of fiction in 100 words.

My theme for 2013 is “End of the World”. These drabbles are somewhat connected (some directly connected). They all happen in the same universe/world though 🙂 Just my attempt at getting the writing going XD Uhm, R rating for swear words and implied things 😉


Thirteen-year old Kelsey was found dead near the Restoration park last Thursday. I overheard mom telling the Chief that she was found without any clothes on. She wanted to say more but then they spotted me me eavesdropping and stopped talking. The Chief came toward me and leaned down.

“Don’t you have kitchen duty young one?”

I snorted and rolled my eyes. He knew I wasn’t a ladle girl.

“The only kitchen I serve sir has guns for utensils.” My mom closed her eyes and mouthed a prayer. She hated having a daughter in the troops. Well, I hated soup.


12:30 am. They reported that Japan surrendered to China amidst the threat of a nuclear strike on Tokyo City. No one predicted that the country would be the first to fall but another Nagasaki or Hiroshima was out of the question.

2:15 am. South Korea pledged allegiance to its Northern counterpart in exchange for immunity.

5:30 am. India was bombarded with what was said to be 100 missiles. Thousands dead.

3:00 pm. The United States declared war on the newly-formed Asian Alliance. It would take just a little over six months from that singular moment for the world to end.


Eleven side arms. Check. 22 bullet canisters. Check. Five semi-automatic sniper rifles. Check. Eleven canteens. Check. Eleven pairs of combat boots. Check. Eleven helmets. Check. Two, four, six, eight, 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 27 28 grenades. Check. One stocked first-aid kit with bandages, IV fluids and tubing, tourniquets, gauze, catether, chest seals, scalpel, gloves, Morphine, Ibuprofen, antibiotics, shears, tape, band-aids. Check, check, checkity check. One week rations. Per soldier MRE contains 5 packs of protein, 5 packs of side dishes, crackers, candy, spread, multiple small packs of coffee and tea. All-in. Eleven standard issue chest pads. Yup. Three…


10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Happy New Year! The confetti started falling and everyone cheered. Me? I was standing under a lamp post trying desperately to light a cigarette. It wasn’t that it was that cold, but my hands wouldn’t stop shaking.

“Need a light?” I looked up and saw a tall man with glasses offering his lighter. Who was I to refuse?

“Thanks,” I murmured back, holding out my cig for him to light.

“Happy New Year,” he greeted with a sweet smile. If I wasn’t otherwise occupied with this stupid mission I would’ve brought this man home and fucked his brains out. I brought my cigarette to my mouth and took a much needed dose of nicotine.

“Likewise,” I replied.

“I always loved New Year in the Big Apple.”

I was so stunned I almost forgot to respond. “France has better fireworks.”

“Nice to meet you Agent Bell. You may call me Nikolai.”

“They told me I was to meet a former KGB. You have impeccable English, no accent at all.”

“Can’t be a spy with an accent now can I.” He started to walk away and I closely followed. Fucking may still be on the agenda after all.


Eight minutes until supper and I was anxiously waiting. I had my tray in both hands and was practically leaving finger indents on both sides.

“You’re frothing at the mouth there, soldier.”

“Just hankering for some grub, sir.” I tried to hide my surprise that one of the captains was speaking to me. Cool and calm, cool and calm.

“I couldn’t blame you,” the captain said lighting a cigarette. “I miss proper food.” They said the captain was one of the first to fight against the Alliance all those years ago. They also said he lost his husband during the Meltdown.


Seven regions were formed after the Meltdown. Most of Africa and the Middle East was lost. Austrailia sank. Europe had survived but barely. Territories were redrawn and whole countries disappeared. The US was by far the least damaged. Only the coast states were affected at all. Canada was safe but was occupied by the Alliance. No one saw that one coming. Antartica was considered lost as well. South America was a dead man’s zone. The land was mostly unscathed but was uninhabitable. Seven regions: Asia Major, Asia Minor, New People’s Canada, The Europe Plains, The Americas and The Unseized Territories.


Six days after the Meltdown was pure chaos. It took the world 6 days to collapse on itself. Billions died, more than half due to the initial blast. The tsunami that followed wiped out Austrailia and most coastal regions. Then the earthquakes toppled cities. Then there was the acid rain. Factories all over the world shut down, power plants failed, technology faltered. It was six days of pure terror. The world as it was ended. And those that survived found themselves under the iron rule of the Alliance. Those who fought against them were scattered, most surrendered. This was the new world.


Part 1 done 🙂 Yes, I cheated a bit and some drabbles were a little over 100 words but hey, I’m not into rules that much. Tomorrow, I’ll be posting Part 2 (Yes, you guessed it 5-1). Hope you enjoyed!