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Late Late Late Review: Zensho (Did I mention this is late?)

Due to reasons known (school, life, work, life), I have put this review off for far too long! Let me emphasize this fact more by saying that we ate at Zensho for my dad’s birthday, which was last May 17, 2012. But, let us put my tardiness aside and focus on the yummy goodness that is Zensho.

Located in the bustling Tomas Morato, Zensho is an all-you-can-eat Japanese restaurant with a new twist. No, it’s not one of those places where you cook the food yourself. Zensho is actually a sit down (or ala carte) buffet restaurant. (Check out the map below, Zensho is the A).

That’s right, ala carte buffet. Oxymoron? Confusing? Delicious? Yes, to all three. So here’s the deal. You sit down at your table and you are given a checklist. The checklist is simply their menu. You tick off the dishes you want and hand them over to the waiter. You can even specify the number of orders per dish. Then, after waiting a while, you get served and then if you want more just ask for the list and check off some things again.

Each dish comes in a hearty serving, just slightly less than the usual short orders. Sometimes 2 dishes are combined into one plate. That’s optimization for you. Below is a photo os my favorite dish, the lamb. Yum yum in my tum tum. Needless to say, but I shall anyway, I ate a lot of meat that night. Lamb and tenderloin and teriyaki oh my!

Here’s a serving of the salmon and tuna sashimi (above) and of the ebi tempura that we probably ordered 4 of (below).

Delicious oysters smothered in cheese! Imagine getting plate after plate of this. Divine.

We ordered a lot more than I could take photos of. My family isn’t really one to stop eating just so I can snap a picture. But nevertheless, I hope I gave you a look inside Zensho. A must-try place for sure! Just be prepared to be stuffed and to gorge.