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On Our Way Back Home (Don’t forget the ice cream)

Aww our last day in Singapore 😦 Sad sad. There was so many things I wanted to do! If only I could’ve gone exploring on my own. In the morning, we went along orchard road again to do some last minute shopping. We wanted to take the bunso out on a walking tour of Orchard road.

Here we are at Takashimaya Shopping Center. This mall is huge! There are like 3 malls within this one mall. It took up almost a whole block Orchard Rd. My brother and I got a bit tired so we goofed around while the parents went shopping.

I bet everyone who has been to Singapore knows this spot. It’s the basement of Takashimaya. Every time I’ve been here there’s been a huge sale right in this spot. Before, it was children’s toys. Now, it’s bags, shoes and belts – both for men and women.Here’s my cute brother again posing with some of Singapore’s most popular athletes.

On our way back, we headed to Cold Stone and had some before-lunch desserts. I got the apple pie ala mode and my brother made his own combination using chocolate.

The day went by way too quickly and we found ourselves waiting for our ride to the airport. Goodbye Concorde Hotel! While waiting, I got creative (read: crazy) with our camera’s close focus feature. I took photos of everything I could. I even snapped some of my arm where I could see the hairs and the tiny tiny creases. I didn’t post them though, you guys might find it too weird. 😛

Still went with the close focus in the airport. The flower shown above was actually found inside the airport. We got there too early so we had to wait for the counter to open. Below is a picture of the kids lining up way ahead of time, just to make certain we were first. Not to worry, they got paid in McDonald’s.

See all those people? Yup! All pinoys heading home.

After getting in, we quickly found a free (!) leg and foot reflexology massage contraption. I could’ve stayed there the whole time.

Alas, all good things must come to an end. We boarded the plane and left for Manila, sweet Manila.

I hope I can go back to Singapore with my friends or my boyfriend next time. I felt like there was so much more to be seen and done. Time to start saving up I guess 🙂


Flying High: Singapore Day 3

Singapore Day 3! I apologize for not following up my posts sooner. College life has been sucking out all my energy. Time to load up on milk tea!

On a side note, I just found out yesterday that Moonleaf now has a branch in Kapitolyo! I live in Kapitolyo! I checked out the new branch and saw that it was walking distance from my house! Crazy! So many exclamation marks!

But seriously, if I don’t watch myself, I’m probably going to drown in milk tea. We have Cha Dao Tea Place (walking distance), Chatime (trike ride away) and now Moonleaf all within 5 minutes from where I live! It’s good to live in Kapitolyo. Other yummy places include Charlie’s, Thai Dara, Uncle Moe’s, Skew U, and many more. I’ll do a walking food tour of Kapitolyo some day and post my reviews of all the food places. And to think, Zagu used to be the only decent food/drink place in my area when I moved here a handful of years ago.

But I digress. Again, here’s my post for Singapore day 3! So, we decided to take a city tour of Singapore to see the sights and chillax. After the busy and wet day that was yesterday, we were all looking forward to a nice leisurely tour.

Our first stop was a chocolate shop. What’s with city tours and chocolate? Are they all trying to make me fat? 

Then, we went around little India and visited their oldest Mosque. We also went by an electronics store that gave us great discounts! I was this close to an iPad 2 haha!

What’s a city tour without a visit to the Merlion? Here we are at the iconic statue.

Nothing too different from the first time I went to Singapore. The weather was a lot better this time, no crazy rain. The one place we did go to that I haven’t been to before was the Singapore Flyer. Much like the London Eye, it’s a huge ferris wheel that shows you the whole of Singapore. Get ready for a lot of aerial shots and vertigo-inducing pictures.

I got fascinated by all the ships. Look at all of them! There are swarms of ships waiting to dock.

Here we are, the crazy siblings. My kuya may be smiling but he was scared the entire time. He was practically sweating. 

My favorite part of the view was the awesome football stadium near the water. Let’s zoom in.

Imagine playing in that field! I bet it would be awesome. Awesome, and a little scary. I wondered if they had nets to stop the balls from flying into the water. I would have loved to get to step on that grassy field. Awesome floating soccer field is awesome.We finished all these before lunch and took our bus back to the hotel for some food. After eating, my mom, my titas and I all went shopping on the famed Orchard road. Gucci, LV, Coach, Prada, Ferragamo, oh my! My mom and I outlasted the others and stayed while they took a cab back to Concorde. Our last stop was Forever 21, which had 4-5 floors! My goodness. We only got to the third floor before deciding to call it a day.

So, that ends day 3 of Singapore with family! Yay! Though we originally planned for a nice and simple day out, I ended up almost dead on the bed when we got back to the hotel. My uncles wanted to go to Clark Quay to join the Halloween celebrations and asked my brother and I to come along. We decided to stay in and abuse the warm, comfy beds at the hotel.

Singapura Day 1 & 2 – Sun, Rain and Roller Coasters



My family and I went to Singapore last Nov. 27-30, 2011. It wasn’t the same ole family vacay this time since there were 3 families traveling this time.

Once again we traveled by night so I didn’t take any pictures when we got there. Even before boarding the plane we had a mini-adventure.

My mom forgot to bring her credit card (the one she used to pay for all our tickets) and the check-in counter wouldn’t let us check in. We arrived at the airport at around 6pm but just got to the plane right before take-off (at around 7:30pm). So, a lesson to all travelers out there. Bring your credit card! Or pay in cash 🙂

So, let’s skip to day 2. The fam and I went to Universal studios via a cable car. 

Last year, I went to Singapore and Universal Studios with my mom and her officemates. Unfortunately, the Battlestar Galactica ride was still under construction. I looked in awe at the twisting rails and the intersecting red and blue lines. We left there without me riding the beast that is the Cylon track. One year later (almost to the day), I came back and the ride was open. I wasted no time and rode the Cylon with my kuya before doing anything else.

Let me tell you, this was the best roller coaster ever. In my 22 years of riding on roller coasters (every chance I got), I have to say the Cylon line in the Battlestar Galactica ride trumps them all. By the end, I was so spent and my voice was so hoarse that you’d think a mass murderer chased me down Orchard Road. I was lucky enough to ride it 2x and each time was fantastic! I even got to ride the red line with my younger brother and it was a treat as well.

After riding all the rides, we decided to catch the showing of Waterworld. I had already seen it last year so I was a little jaded. The kids though (5 of them all 12 yrs old and below) would enjoy it. We ended up sitting in the Splash zone and well, we did get splashed. The opening warm-up for the show was to have these three guys randomly spraying/dumping water on to the audience. We were targeted since we had umbrella-shields up. We weren’t soaked, though so it was all good. Then, it began to rain. The main show area was open so it was dangerous for the actors to do stunts on the slippery platforms. What’s more, the pyrotechnics probably wouldn’t go off. The show was delayed an hour. Finally, the rain abated and they could begin. As the show started, one of the stunt guys got caught in his rappelling system and couldn’t get down. Talk about bad luck. The show got cancelled and we left.

We had to leave Universal earlier than I expected because it started to rain again and the kids with us were tired. So, we got picked up and our bus driver dropped up off at a nearby hawkers’ stalls. It was literally beside our hotel so we decided to have an afternoon snack.

I bought wanton soup and was surprised not to find noodles. :)) The food was delicious and so authentic. One of my favorites was the desserts. Pictures above was our favored dessert place. There were all sorts of iced-treats. Ice Kachang was my instant fave. Another one I tried was the Chim Chow w/ Longan (sort of like lychee and gulaman). If it weren’t for the threat of sore throat I’d probably have bought one dessert per meal.

Days one and two were both tiring and fulfilling at the same time. I remembered why I loved Singapore and why I loved to travel.

Here are some of our travel stats in case you were planning to go as well.

Hotel: Concorde Hotel (in the center of Orchard Rd, beside hawker stalls and above a foodcourt that has affordable meals from S$3-S$8)

Transportation to Universal Studios: S$55 one way (for 13 persons, arranged by our hotel)

Price of food at the hawkers stalls: S$5-$10

Fun fan/spray contraption that helps you cool down = S$19 (inside Universal Studios, super worth it. Singapore was hot plus you can use it in the Philippines.)

Singapore exchange rate: S$1 = approx. 34php



Literary Life Updates: A Threat of Carpal Tunnel and Pterry

NaNoWriMo keeps telling me to announce to the whole entire universe that I’m joining nanowrimo2011 just so I’d feel more pressure to finish, so I’d feel too embarrassed not to finish. So, here it is! Another declaration of my intention of writing like madwoman and winning NaNoWriMo.

Again, National Novel Writing Month is all about writing your first (or third or fourth) novel. In one month, we are tasked to write at least 50,000 words. That’s roughly 1,700 words a day. Such a feat! I’m nervous and excited and worried and everything. I can’t wait! 7 and some odd minutes before I have to start.

This is part of my journey back to who I am. For so long I’ve been just floating by. I blame it all on college. They say college is where you find yourself but unfortunately, it’s where I lost a little bit of me. Myca, the writer, kinda took a back seat to Myca the student or Myca the football player or Myca the what have you. Not anymore. I’m going back to what I love and writing makes my heart sing. Callie (from Grey’s Anatomy) said, “Is that what makes your heart sing?…If you love it do it… Don’t sleep, don’t eat. Just do this.” And yes, I’m doing it! And I don’t intend to sleep at all (eating is out of the question, I love eating too much harhar).

I’m also a Reader so in keeping with the theme of finding myself, I started reading again. It’s not that I ever stopped reading but this time, I won’t be reading textbooks or lab manuals anymore. I’m going back to the obsessive me who’ll be hoarding sci-fi/fantasy books like it’s armageddon. So, watch out for more book reviews here as well. I’m also a TV addict so expect show reviews too. More writing and more writing. It’s only the beginning!

I’m currently reading Unseen Academicals by Terry Pratchett.

I hope that by November 30,2011 that I have a novel to share with everyone and hands not plagued with carpal tunnel.

The Reason I Stopped Reading Fashion Blogs (and started rambling, apparently)

It took me quite a while to write this entry. Mostly because I didn’t want to sound like I was hatin’ on some people and partly because I wasn’t really all that sure what I wanted to say. This post kept nagging me, though. Kept pulling from the corner of my mind, kept banging into my frontal lobe. It wanted out so I’m letting it out.

There was a phase in my life that I was obsessed with fashion bloggers. I had my Bloglovin’ account and I’d check it everyday (sometimes more than once a day). It started when I found a blog about nail polish (yes, nail polish) then it evolved into looking at chictopia and lookbook.nu and then finding fashion blogs. They were all so pretty and the clothes were so pretty and their hair was so pretty and…you get the drift. I’m an obsessive personality so when I get into something, I reaaaally get into it. There was a point where I could tell you where ____ went that weekend or what top _____ was wearing or where ______ got her earrings. Crazy, yes? I was that way for a month or two. Bloglovin’ occupied hours of my time. Okay, nothing sensational or though-provoking there.

But then my compulsion to buy stuff came around almost the same time as my obsession was at its peak. I’d pester my mom to go to bazaars with me or to take me to Megamall. I’d spend hours just going around the mall and looking at all the things I couldn’t buy and all the things I did buy. Now, this may sound like a typical teenage girl (ok fine I’m 22) but it isn’t a typical me. I was never into shopping. NEVER. I like shopping for my mom or my brother or my friends (gifts and stuff), but for me? Why bother? Mom used to buy my clothes for me, well into my college years. Ukay-ukay? Never really stepped foot in it until I read about fashion bloggers and their ukay skills (though the ukay thing started before this obsessive thing started. Kagulo timeline).

It had to tie in somehow. The buying, the reading, the buying, the coveting. It was a vicious cycle. For someone as hyper-aware of myself as I am, I knew there was something not right. Then it hit me.

The reason for all the buying was because I wanted to be like those fashion bloggers (epiphany kablam). Of course I’m not as skinny nor as adept at styling so I just kept buying and reading and buying and coveting. And it was doing some serious damage to my self-esteem.

I hesitate to go on because I’m a proud person and I don’t like admitting weakness but for the sake of inner peace and this monster of an entry, I shall continue.

As the days went on, I stopped being content with just reading about the bloggers. I had to do what they did or wear what they had or be skinny like them. My self-esteem was shot to hell. Now, every time I clicked on an entry, all I felt was envy. I was so envious of their life and their freebies and their fashion. It was emotionally draining. I didn’t feel like me anymore. I felt shallow and empty and lost. So, I stopped.

I forgot what it was that made me stop. It could’ve been the recent typhoon or my exams. I’m not too sure. Don’t think I’m the paragon of self-control or anything. I was just probably busy. But as soon as I stopped, I never went back. I realized that my energy was being sucked out from my body, through my eyes and into my laptop monitor. I didn’t want to feel envious anymore. I wanted to be happy for them and happy for me.

I’m still getting there, the whole contentment thing. Maybe that’s why I wrote this entry. To finally be content. To let out all my frustrations and all my BV’s. I don’t want to be BV anymore. And so, I stopped.

Through this whole thing I came to a conclusion that what you read (see or consume) really does affect how you feel. Reading things that inspire you or make you feel happy should be no.1 priority. Stop reading things that make you angry or envious or unhappy. Read things that remind you of who you are.

And so, I started looking for blogs that inspire me instead of make me feel worse about myself. I came across a blog of one of my acquaintances. She’s a friend of a friend whom I think I’ve met before (at least she looks familiar to me). Hannah’s blog makes me happy, inspires me, and makes me root for her. I hope I find my passion like she did and make others happy. Just a little sunshine I thought I’d share after the ominous cloud I hovered over you readers.

Again, I’m not saying reading fashion blogs is bad. No no no. I love them and I love what they’re doing. I just don’t feel like they are right for me. My point is (finally a point!) stop doing things that make you hate yourself and find things that make you love again. You are in control of how you feel. Don’t just react to things and blame them for it. Make a change for the better and do what you love, what makes you happy.

I still love fashion, clothes, styling, etc. But I get my fix somewhere else (ahem Rachel Zoe). I have my buying compulsion down a bit and have refrained from going crazy. It’s all good.

So, here’s me. Finishing off this beast of an entry and hoping I got my point across without hitting someone. It just needed to be written and so it is.


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