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Bomb Girls: Girl Power during WW2 (and great TV)

I don’t really recall if I have had the pleasure of telling everyone how much I love Canadian shows. I’ve recently discovered two great shows: Lost Girl and Continuum. The former is about a succubus and the latter about a time-travelling cop. Though I simply loooove both shows, this post is about a different one: Bomb Girls.

Bomb Girls is a show that looks into the lives of women during the Second World War. While the men were out fighting, factories hired women to take their places in the production line. There are so many different reasons why I love this show, not the least of all the theme of Girl Power. Women weren’t looked at as equals during the 1940’s so it was interesting to look at the struggles women had to face during these times. This era was the “housewife era” where women were expected to stay at home to cook, clean, take care of the children and look pretty. But with the war, they were given the opportunity to work. Bomb Girls explore this change of the tide and presents WW2 from a woman’s point of view. Here’s a trailer to (hopefully) entice you to watch the show.


A Young Doctor’s Notebook: Gross, Funny, Beautiful

I know I haven’t posted in a long while but one show has awakened the blogger in me and simply begged to be shared. This show is nothing short of awesome. Funny, dark, gross and intense. It’s 20-odd minutes of great acting by none other than Don Draper and Harry Potter themselves.

A Young Doctor’s Notebook is a mini-series adapted from Mikhail Bulgakov’s collection of short stories, A Country Doctor’s Notebook. The titular character is stuck in the middle of nowhere Russia where he is expected to run a hospital while barely out of medical school. His older self reminisces about the old days and pops in on the young doctor to offer…advice?

Jon Hamm plays the older doctor who sometimes torments Daniel Radcliffe (as the younger doctor) while trying to stop him from ruining his life. A couple of nurses and a Feldsher (paramedical practitioner, sort of) make the dreary Russian landscape somewhat bearable by helping the young doctor adjust. Only, at times their presence aggravates situations further (one example, one nurse constantly compares Radcliffe’s character to his predecessor, Leopold Leopoldivich, making sure to emphasize the young doctor’s shortcomings).

While trying to cope with 24 hour blizzards and patients who don’t want to be treated, the young doctor finds himself despairing his career choice and wonders how it would be like to be stripped of his degree. I highly recommend this show to my peers in med school 😉

The show is laugh-out-loud funny and cringe-worthy gross alternately (with amputations using a blunt saw and puss squirting everywhere), and I absolutely love it! Another quirk I enjoy is the opening credits. The cast and “Previously” are in a sort-of faux Russian script. Sobrang benta :))

Anyway, here’s a brief trailer that I hope would convince you of the show’s worth.

Both Daniel Radcliffe and Jon Hamm deliver stellar performances which drive the series. I used to think Radcliffe wouldn’t ever escape his Harry Potter role, but I was wrong. He’s brilliant as the fumbling doctor trying to seem older more experienced than he really is. Watch it guys!