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Hey, I’m a ChemEngg Student! (Plus pics of football and more of Melia’s first bazaar)

With all my posts on fun things like food and my online store, some of you may be forgetting what I’m majoring in at college. Well, to remind everyone, I’m studying Chemical Engineering at the University of the Philippines, Diliman. Here are some photos of what I do when I’m at school.

So here we have the Reynolds experiment set-up. For the nerds out there, like me, you’d know that the Reynolds number defines the flow regime of a particular fluid. The Reynolds experiment was conducted by Osborne Reynolds in order to better define these flow regimes. What came about was a quantity that could define a particular flow as laminar or turbulent.

The task we were handed was to recreate the experiment and even incorporate another aspect of the flow of fluids to it. What that is my groupmates and I are unsure of as of the moment. For suggestions, comment away! I’m sure I’m not the only Chemical Engineering student on the web. We’re looking into hysteresis but are still unsure how to design our experiment around it.

Anyway, on to the photos!

My hardworking groupmates hard at work 🙂 And me, snapping away. Don’t worry this is just the preliminary checking stage. We were just looking to make sure everything worked. I will be helping out during the actual experiment.

Here we have our laboratory’s old old old old condenser. I don’t think anyone uses it anymore >.<

More pipes and things 🙂

Well, enough of the engineering stuff. I am also an avid football player, if you all recall. Though it’s been a while, I still get tingles whenever I’m on the field. Unfortunately, I was only on the field because I had to help officiate a tournament. I didn’t actually play 😦 But I did get to kick around the ball with my orgmates for a bit. My spikes really missed the mud and grass. Sigh. I wonder when I’ll be able to play again.

I was so jealous of everyone playing 😦 At least the whole tournament when without a hitch. Congratulations to the Eng’gSoccer heads, Kero and Noelyn! Everyone seemed happy. Special mention to Laya FC! Thanks for officiating.

In reference to my previous post, I found more pictures from the organizers.

I promise, I’ll be joining more bazaars in the future. And, I’ll be more prepared 🙂


Why I Like the Sound of My Own Voice

I admit that I enjoy hearing my voice. Not through singing, of course, but through speaking. It’s a little skill I’ve been developing since highschool with the Debate Club and with joining public speaking contests.

Last month, I was graced with the opportunity to be host/emcee at two events that happened one after the other.

The first was for my organization’s (UP Eng’gSoc) event entitled “Alay sa Inhinyero” held last August 24. It’s a thanksgiving and awarding ceremony for outstanding faculty members of our College. Luckily, I had a co-host, Cor, who weathered the bad lighting and lengthy script with me. Here’s what I wore:

BCBG Max Azria dress

Me and Cor

When I woke up the next day, I had to prepare my mind and soul (choz) for my second hosting gig. This time, it was for another one of my organizations, UP ARISE. I was hosting one of their seminars focusing on our five core values. I had the pleasure of hosting the one about Vision with Ms. Aubrey Eslita (owner of The Royal Tea). Since I’ve been attending events left and right during August, I had to be creative and come up with an outfit I hadn’t worn yet.

Belly Basics dress, Forever 21 necklace, Just G. belt.

You read that right, Belly Basics. The LBD I wore was my mom’s old maternity dress. Shows you just what a little ingenuity can achieve. Luckily, I pulled off the look and even got some compliments on it. Should try mixing and matching clothes more often. Do mind the fireworks-inspired bedspread XD

My First Pull! *clapclap*

I’ve been promising/teasing you, dear readers, for a month now about my first ever pull. I’ve just been so busy with my other writing assignments that I didn’t have the time to have this post. But here it is! No more waiting!

A little intro to the event I did the pull for.

My organization, UP Engineering Society, has an annual kick-off party to start off our anniversary month. Ever year, we have an acoustic battle of the bands competition as well as a fashion show. This year, I was in charge of finding clothing sponsors for our fashion show. I suggested we contact different online clothing stores since they have been popping up like mushrooms in the last few years. I also thought that they may be more willing to lend us clothes since this could be a way of advertising their brand.

I didn’t really know how magazines or other stylists do their pulls so I just went with sending emails to as many online shops as I can. Of course, I picked those which I loved. Having been very active in the bazaar scene the past summer gave me an idea of the styles and usual stocks of various stores.

In the end, two brands agreed to sponsor us: Flattering Tops and Zoo. I was beyond ecstatic that I got two sponsors!

So, I picked up the clothes and brought all of them to our go-see and photoshoot. I was so paranoid and OC with the clothes since I’d have to pay for them if there were any damages. I didn’t let the models take them home to fit or alter and I made sure I had an eye on all the items 24/7.

I didn’t have garment bags so I went with garbage bags instead! Clean ones, of course. I also had to learn how to assemble a clothing rack and hang up clothes of different types.

During the actual shoot, I was running around fixing the fit of some clothes, drying others that got a little wet due to the rain, fixing shoes, assisting the photographer, taking BTS shots, speaking with the models, etc. (Get ready for pictures mostly of my back XD)

Our photographer: Ted Manansala

I couldn’t have done it all alone so I was so glad I had my orgmates to help me.

(L-R) Sir Chester Tan, Joyce, Philip, Cor, Sir Ted Manansala, Iel, Louie

In the end, we had a fabulous shoot, despite the rain, and all the clothes made it back to my home safely. After the photoshoot, the next activity was the fashion show. Again, I had to bring everything inside the venue, assemble the clothes rack, assemble the backstage area, have lights ready, prep the models, orient the models, look after the runway, cue the models, lights and sound, and pack everything up after the show. I wasn’t able to get dressed or dolled up until I finished all that.

Whew! Good thing my boyfriend was there to help me out and to take me to an awesome dinner after. We went to Brothers Burger and Cafe Breton. Yummy in my tummy! Then, we returned to the venue to party with everyone.

One of my only photos at the event. Too busy!

My work didn’t end with the event, however. There was still the returns to do. So, I looked at each detail of each garment and made sure there weren’t any spills, smudges or stains. I only got to breath again after I got all the clothes safely back to their owners.

It’s hard work (started with a braid but then lost my hair tie) but I learned so much and I hope to be able to do more pulls in the future.

Get Styled! Let me DrESs you UP! Eng’gSoc’s ACLE

UP Eng’g Soc presents
Let Me DrESs You UP
An ACLE dedicated to bring out the fashionable side of EVERYONE
Freebies and GCs will be given away!
Everyone has a chance to be styled! On-the-spot make-over!
Guest speakers and stylists include:
Love chic (http://lovechic.com.ph/)
Aisa Ipac (http://ipaxme.blogspot.com/)

Jear De McCuttac (http://jearhype.blogspot.com/)
Nikki Sunga (http://nikkisunga.tumblr.com/)
and Lexi Gancayco (http://lexithesecond.tumblr.co​m/)

Vote for Your Bet!

Sinong bet mo sa Explode models? Pili na!

Like: The Manansala Photography

Then go to: UP Engineering Society Models

Then “Like” your favorite model!

1 like = 1 vote

The model with the most votes will get a special prize! And, the number of likes garnered from now til August 5, 2011 12NN will count towards each participant’s final score. 10% to be exact. So go on! If you want her to win, LIKE na!


Project Managers: Louie Bedes and Ruziel Larmae Gimpaya

Fashion Consultant: Myca Patricia Salonga (that’s me yay! BTS photos to follow)

Coordinator: Philip Legaspi

Wardrobe and Accessories:
ZOO (http://zoo.com.ph/)
Belle by Zuri Wearable Art (https://www.facebook.com/z​uri.beautiful)
Flattering Tops (http://yourpersonalshopper​s.multiply.com/
Hersey Chan (http://hersheychan.com/)

Layout and Photography: The Manansala

Shot on location at UP Diliman College of Fine Arts

Buy tickets from me! 200php only 😀 Comment here XD


Love Struck on Love Chic!

Last night, me and my friends went to meet Love Chic at their office to discuss some matters regarding an org event. They are the cutest and friendliest couple! Watch this page for more details! Fashionable couples watch out!


Cor (her photo, btw), Joyce, Shai, Seph, Iel and moi!