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Fangirling Fangirl

Reading really does inspire writing. After months of not posting anything here, I thought I’d do a little entry just to get my mind out of the Technical Training program I am currently slogging my way through.

I’m currently reading – yes reading – Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl. To anyone and everyone who has ever written or read FanFiction, I suggest you read Fangirl. I’m just on Chapter 5 and already I love this book. It’s a very light read, nothing fancy, nothing earth shattering, but amidst the sinkhole that is my existence right now, it’s a golden rope ladder that the Literature gods have sent down to give me hope.

Hello, Simon and Baz? Hit closer to home, why don’t you.

To say that I relate to the main character, Cath, is an understatement. It’s like looking at my younger self and cringing at all the self-conscious things I knew I did before. I want to take her up in my arms and tell her everything will be ok, that people won’t hurt her if she doesn’t let them. But I know she’d hate that, just like I’d roll my eyes at anyone who would have said the same to me back then. I’m still at the beginning stages of the book, and already it has gotten me typing away at my computer, itching to start writing again.

Alas, my work has kept me away from the Muses and drained whatever drive I have to create. Right now, I’m in Bataan doing the rounds as a Management Trainee and cramming all the knowledge I can into my already tired brain. At times like these, I cling to the old reliables when it comes to stress-management. TV Shows, reading… and beer. The last one is a new favorite. Who knew that a bitter malt drink made from fermented beans would calm me down?

I’m probably exaggerating my experience just to entertain myself. It’s really not all that bad. My current beau lives in Bataan and works in the same plant as I do so we finally get to see each other everyday. Downside? It’s perpetual #sepanx whenever I DON’T get to see him (working hours, after dinner, weekends, etc.). I can’t imagine how it’ll feel going back to Manila and having to settle for seeing him 1x or 2x a month. LDR, folks, it’s a killer.

It feels good to write again. Watching words come out on screen feels like coming home. I’m back to 15 year old me, carefree and bursting with ideas. Why do we write?, asked a Professor in Fangirl. To express ourselves, to explore new worlds, to hear the sound of our own voice? According to Cath… to disappear.


More-than-a-year-after-New-Year’s Day Drabbles (Part 3)

Last 2013, I swore to write 13 drabbles as part of my New Years Day tradition. To this day, I’ve been short two drabble. So, for closure, here they are:

Two beeping pinpoints on the radar. Gladys squinted her eyes and held her breath. This was her first mission outside the walls and she was the lookout. Her two teammates, Sasha and Grey, went out to recon the area. They were supposed to report back in 2 hours with the lay of the land. They gathered intel that there was a straggling group nearby, all that remained of the Manchurian rebels. Maybe they can be recruited, maybe they have weapons or provisions they could steal. It was always a 50-50 thing. Two beeping pinpoints, Sasha and Grey. One beeping pinpoint.


One day, I’ll take you to Italy and we can ride a gondola together,” he whispered in my ear.

“All the gondolas are sunk now, you know,” I whispered back. They always said I was a pessimist.

“I’ll make you a gondola.”

I wrapped my arms around his chest. “Okay.” 

“Then, we’ll eat gelato. I don’t know if you American men like gelato, but it’s the best thing on earth.”

He always did like to point out that I was an American. It probably has something to do with his mom warning him about ‘those American ublyudok‘.

“I love gelato.”


Yay! More than a year in the making 🙂 My 13 drabbles. Check out Part 1 and Part 2.

Camp Nanowrimo, trying to publish and more!

Hi there! It’s me, your friendly neighborhood lazy blogger. (Though I hesitate to call myself a blogger for superficial reasons. I would like to label myself as an online journal-er. Journal writer? Diarist?)

Today, I wanted to share with everyone my journey as a writer. I find it silly to call myself a writer, having not published anything “officially” yet at the same time I don’t have anything else to call myself. Writing has always been in my life as far back as I can remember. I don’t think there was one defining moment where I told myself, “Self, you are a writer.” I just was.

I remember my very first story. It was about a curse and a witch. Yes, my genre is fantasy and sci-fi even then. I wrote it back when computers were running on Windows ’93. I also vaguely remember trying to write a newsletter about the death of Princess Diana. (Please stop guessing my age).

All throughout gradeschool, I recall writing stories, acting in plays and reading tons of books. Highschool was pretty much the same except with more homework and an anxious feeling about college. No, I did not get a degree in Creative Writing or Literature. I guess I was in denial. Instead, I worked hard for 6 years to earn a degree in Chemical Engineering. I had a brief moment with a student organization where I wrote a couple of stories and was the EIC of the my college’s paper but for the most part, I stopped writing (for fun) during those six years.

I did, however, discover the world of freelance writing! I began to earn money from writing about security cameras, exercise routines, health and wellness, and more. I felt that this time honed my professional writing yet not my creative writing.

Let’s break up this wall of text with images of coffee (another thing I discovered in college):


Now that I‘m done learning about heat exchangers and transport phenomena, I’m back to my first love: writing. Here’s a lowdown on my creative and not-so-creative endeavors.

1. Camp Nanowrimo

I’ve tried desperately to win at Nanowrimo in the past. 50,000 words were never reached. I was way too busy with school to immerse myself in the frenzy that is National Novel Writing Month. This July, however, there is Camp Nanowrimo! Sort of a practice run for first-timers and a training program for veterans of Nanowrimo. This July, I’m pledging to write 25,000 words. My novel is in the sci-fi genre this time around. Hoping to finish and share it with you all 🙂

2. Freelancing

Yes, I’m still working as a freelance writer. Bb girl’s got to eat (and shop and watch movies). For those who want to start a career being a freelance writer, feel free to ask me about getting started 🙂

3. HI!

I’m also now working with my boyfriend on a new endeavor which hopes to give advice on real estate to those looking for help. I’ll be posting links as soon as it’s up 🙂

4. Starting out the road to publishing

As of now, I DO NOT have a novel ready to be shown to potential publishers. I am, however, looking at calls for submission for short story anthologies. There’s surprisingly a lot of those. Hoping to submit something by this October and another one next January. Interested in submitting too? Sound off in the comments 🙂

I do tend to rattle off, don’t I. I think I’ll end this post here and try to update everyone on the many many writing challenges I’ve set for myself. Hopefully, I get to do all four things on my list. Oh yeah! I’m also reviewing for my Chemical Engineering board exams this November. Wish me luck!

Not-so-New-Year’s Drabbles (Part 2)

Okay, so I haven’t actually finished. I still have two to go but I felt like posting some sort of progress. (Just so I can say that I wrote stuff today ;)) Part 1 here.


Five miles outside he encampment where Gladys lived were makeshift patrol towers. Each one was erected under the Chief’s watch. He sed to be an engineer before the Meltdown, head of his own construction company in Chicago. Glady’s took a deep breath and started to climb. She could hardly remember life before the Meltdown, being a kid and all when it happened. She remembered trees, birds and clouds, though. They used to be pretty and not at all depressing. Nowadays, no one looks at the sky if they could help it. Especially those who remembered white clouds and orange sunsets.


Four out of the eight captains of the Retribution were present, each one wearing his or her company’s colors. The Chief stood at one corner observing the meeting. He wasn’t technically supposed to be there but the captain of the Black company requested for him. They all sat in a round table facing each other, maps and compasses littered on the table. Each captain sat rigidly, back straight and in varying degrees of distress. The absence of the remaining four captains were weighing against each person’s shoulders. It was going to be bloody and no one was going to like it.


3, 2, 1 fire! The squadron leader shouted amidst the noise already occupying the field. Loud shots followed his orders a men and women fired canons at targets. It was all in a day’s work testing the new merchandise. Steely Phil looked on, a clipboard in his meaty hands. He took down some figures and repositioned his ear protection. “50 percent off after the thousandth bought sir!” Steely shouted after the noise had died down. “Newest batch too!”. The squadron leader motioned for his troops to load again, all the while hardly acknowledging Phil’s presence. Boom, the sound of money.


Two more drabbles to go to complete my set. Hope you enjoyed! Hit the comments button to tell me what you think 🙂 ❤

Just a Quickie (Hoy, wag bastos :P)


Something I do practically 100 times a day – be it from frustration, sadness, fatigue or as a poignant tool in annoying people. Now, I’m sighing because I haven’t posted-slash-updated my blog in so long. And I know this gripe of mine is a familiar one to my readers. “I’m not updating enough.” *sigh* “My last post was xxxx days ago.” *sigh* “I don’t have time to write.” *sigh*

With schoolwork taking over every waking (and not-so-waking) moment, I hardly have enough time to breathe, let alone write. But as work slowly consumes soul I am more and more reminded of my one true passion: writing.

I often tell my peers that they should follow their dreams and pursue their passions. If only I were following my own unsolicited advice. Alas, I’m far behind other ingenues who have found success in what they love. Today’s Top Ten from The Morning Rush sort of shook me a little and made me stop to think about the things I’d love to be doing. #FiveWordFantasies ? Live Comfortably From Writing Things. Also, Babies. And Dogs.

Let me end my quickie post with a promise.

I promise to write.

I may not be able to promise that I’d be a successful writer or that what I’d be writing would be good. Just that I will write. And in so doing hopefully keep the horrible monsters at bay.

New Year’s Drabbles 2013 (Part 1)

Drabble – a work of fiction in 100 words.

My theme for 2013 is “End of the World”. These drabbles are somewhat connected (some directly connected). They all happen in the same universe/world though 🙂 Just my attempt at getting the writing going XD Uhm, R rating for swear words and implied things 😉


Thirteen-year old Kelsey was found dead near the Restoration park last Thursday. I overheard mom telling the Chief that she was found without any clothes on. She wanted to say more but then they spotted me me eavesdropping and stopped talking. The Chief came toward me and leaned down.

“Don’t you have kitchen duty young one?”

I snorted and rolled my eyes. He knew I wasn’t a ladle girl.

“The only kitchen I serve sir has guns for utensils.” My mom closed her eyes and mouthed a prayer. She hated having a daughter in the troops. Well, I hated soup.


12:30 am. They reported that Japan surrendered to China amidst the threat of a nuclear strike on Tokyo City. No one predicted that the country would be the first to fall but another Nagasaki or Hiroshima was out of the question.

2:15 am. South Korea pledged allegiance to its Northern counterpart in exchange for immunity.

5:30 am. India was bombarded with what was said to be 100 missiles. Thousands dead.

3:00 pm. The United States declared war on the newly-formed Asian Alliance. It would take just a little over six months from that singular moment for the world to end.


Eleven side arms. Check. 22 bullet canisters. Check. Five semi-automatic sniper rifles. Check. Eleven canteens. Check. Eleven pairs of combat boots. Check. Eleven helmets. Check. Two, four, six, eight, 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 27 28 grenades. Check. One stocked first-aid kit with bandages, IV fluids and tubing, tourniquets, gauze, catether, chest seals, scalpel, gloves, Morphine, Ibuprofen, antibiotics, shears, tape, band-aids. Check, check, checkity check. One week rations. Per soldier MRE contains 5 packs of protein, 5 packs of side dishes, crackers, candy, spread, multiple small packs of coffee and tea. All-in. Eleven standard issue chest pads. Yup. Three…


10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Happy New Year! The confetti started falling and everyone cheered. Me? I was standing under a lamp post trying desperately to light a cigarette. It wasn’t that it was that cold, but my hands wouldn’t stop shaking.

“Need a light?” I looked up and saw a tall man with glasses offering his lighter. Who was I to refuse?

“Thanks,” I murmured back, holding out my cig for him to light.

“Happy New Year,” he greeted with a sweet smile. If I wasn’t otherwise occupied with this stupid mission I would’ve brought this man home and fucked his brains out. I brought my cigarette to my mouth and took a much needed dose of nicotine.

“Likewise,” I replied.

“I always loved New Year in the Big Apple.”

I was so stunned I almost forgot to respond. “France has better fireworks.”

“Nice to meet you Agent Bell. You may call me Nikolai.”

“They told me I was to meet a former KGB. You have impeccable English, no accent at all.”

“Can’t be a spy with an accent now can I.” He started to walk away and I closely followed. Fucking may still be on the agenda after all.


Eight minutes until supper and I was anxiously waiting. I had my tray in both hands and was practically leaving finger indents on both sides.

“You’re frothing at the mouth there, soldier.”

“Just hankering for some grub, sir.” I tried to hide my surprise that one of the captains was speaking to me. Cool and calm, cool and calm.

“I couldn’t blame you,” the captain said lighting a cigarette. “I miss proper food.” They said the captain was one of the first to fight against the Alliance all those years ago. They also said he lost his husband during the Meltdown.


Seven regions were formed after the Meltdown. Most of Africa and the Middle East was lost. Austrailia sank. Europe had survived but barely. Territories were redrawn and whole countries disappeared. The US was by far the least damaged. Only the coast states were affected at all. Canada was safe but was occupied by the Alliance. No one saw that one coming. Antartica was considered lost as well. South America was a dead man’s zone. The land was mostly unscathed but was uninhabitable. Seven regions: Asia Major, Asia Minor, New People’s Canada, The Europe Plains, The Americas and The Unseized Territories.


Six days after the Meltdown was pure chaos. It took the world 6 days to collapse on itself. Billions died, more than half due to the initial blast. The tsunami that followed wiped out Austrailia and most coastal regions. Then the earthquakes toppled cities. Then there was the acid rain. Factories all over the world shut down, power plants failed, technology faltered. It was six days of pure terror. The world as it was ended. And those that survived found themselves under the iron rule of the Alliance. Those who fought against them were scattered, most surrendered. This was the new world.


Part 1 done 🙂 Yes, I cheated a bit and some drabbles were a little over 100 words but hey, I’m not into rules that much. Tomorrow, I’ll be posting Part 2 (Yes, you guessed it 5-1). Hope you enjoyed!

Literary Life Updates: A Threat of Carpal Tunnel and Pterry

NaNoWriMo keeps telling me to announce to the whole entire universe that I’m joining nanowrimo2011 just so I’d feel more pressure to finish, so I’d feel too embarrassed not to finish. So, here it is! Another declaration of my intention of writing like madwoman and winning NaNoWriMo.

Again, National Novel Writing Month is all about writing your first (or third or fourth) novel. In one month, we are tasked to write at least 50,000 words. That’s roughly 1,700 words a day. Such a feat! I’m nervous and excited and worried and everything. I can’t wait! 7 and some odd minutes before I have to start.

This is part of my journey back to who I am. For so long I’ve been just floating by. I blame it all on college. They say college is where you find yourself but unfortunately, it’s where I lost a little bit of me. Myca, the writer, kinda took a back seat to Myca the student or Myca the football player or Myca the what have you. Not anymore. I’m going back to what I love and writing makes my heart sing. Callie (from Grey’s Anatomy) said, “Is that what makes your heart sing?…If you love it do it… Don’t sleep, don’t eat. Just do this.” And yes, I’m doing it! And I don’t intend to sleep at all (eating is out of the question, I love eating too much harhar).

I’m also a Reader so in keeping with the theme of finding myself, I started reading again. It’s not that I ever stopped reading but this time, I won’t be reading textbooks or lab manuals anymore. I’m going back to the obsessive me who’ll be hoarding sci-fi/fantasy books like it’s armageddon. So, watch out for more book reviews here as well. I’m also a TV addict so expect show reviews too. More writing and more writing. It’s only the beginning!

I’m currently reading Unseen Academicals by Terry Pratchett.

I hope that by November 30,2011 that I have a novel to share with everyone and hands not plagued with carpal tunnel.

The Reason I Stopped Reading Fashion Blogs (and started rambling, apparently)

It took me quite a while to write this entry. Mostly because I didn’t want to sound like I was hatin’ on some people and partly because I wasn’t really all that sure what I wanted to say. This post kept nagging me, though. Kept pulling from the corner of my mind, kept banging into my frontal lobe. It wanted out so I’m letting it out.

There was a phase in my life that I was obsessed with fashion bloggers. I had my Bloglovin’ account and I’d check it everyday (sometimes more than once a day). It started when I found a blog about nail polish (yes, nail polish) then it evolved into looking at chictopia and lookbook.nu and then finding fashion blogs. They were all so pretty and the clothes were so pretty and their hair was so pretty and…you get the drift. I’m an obsessive personality so when I get into something, I reaaaally get into it. There was a point where I could tell you where ____ went that weekend or what top _____ was wearing or where ______ got her earrings. Crazy, yes? I was that way for a month or two. Bloglovin’ occupied hours of my time. Okay, nothing sensational or though-provoking there.

But then my compulsion to buy stuff came around almost the same time as my obsession was at its peak. I’d pester my mom to go to bazaars with me or to take me to Megamall. I’d spend hours just going around the mall and looking at all the things I couldn’t buy and all the things I did buy. Now, this may sound like a typical teenage girl (ok fine I’m 22) but it isn’t a typical me. I was never into shopping. NEVER. I like shopping for my mom or my brother or my friends (gifts and stuff), but for me? Why bother? Mom used to buy my clothes for me, well into my college years. Ukay-ukay? Never really stepped foot in it until I read about fashion bloggers and their ukay skills (though the ukay thing started before this obsessive thing started. Kagulo timeline).

It had to tie in somehow. The buying, the reading, the buying, the coveting. It was a vicious cycle. For someone as hyper-aware of myself as I am, I knew there was something not right. Then it hit me.

The reason for all the buying was because I wanted to be like those fashion bloggers (epiphany kablam). Of course I’m not as skinny nor as adept at styling so I just kept buying and reading and buying and coveting. And it was doing some serious damage to my self-esteem.

I hesitate to go on because I’m a proud person and I don’t like admitting weakness but for the sake of inner peace and this monster of an entry, I shall continue.

As the days went on, I stopped being content with just reading about the bloggers. I had to do what they did or wear what they had or be skinny like them. My self-esteem was shot to hell. Now, every time I clicked on an entry, all I felt was envy. I was so envious of their life and their freebies and their fashion. It was emotionally draining. I didn’t feel like me anymore. I felt shallow and empty and lost. So, I stopped.

I forgot what it was that made me stop. It could’ve been the recent typhoon or my exams. I’m not too sure. Don’t think I’m the paragon of self-control or anything. I was just probably busy. But as soon as I stopped, I never went back. I realized that my energy was being sucked out from my body, through my eyes and into my laptop monitor. I didn’t want to feel envious anymore. I wanted to be happy for them and happy for me.

I’m still getting there, the whole contentment thing. Maybe that’s why I wrote this entry. To finally be content. To let out all my frustrations and all my BV’s. I don’t want to be BV anymore. And so, I stopped.

Through this whole thing I came to a conclusion that what you read (see or consume) really does affect how you feel. Reading things that inspire you or make you feel happy should be no.1 priority. Stop reading things that make you angry or envious or unhappy. Read things that remind you of who you are.

And so, I started looking for blogs that inspire me instead of make me feel worse about myself. I came across a blog of one of my acquaintances. She’s a friend of a friend whom I think I’ve met before (at least she looks familiar to me). Hannah’s blog makes me happy, inspires me, and makes me root for her. I hope I find my passion like she did and make others happy. Just a little sunshine I thought I’d share after the ominous cloud I hovered over you readers.

Again, I’m not saying reading fashion blogs is bad. No no no. I love them and I love what they’re doing. I just don’t feel like they are right for me. My point is (finally a point!) stop doing things that make you hate yourself and find things that make you love again. You are in control of how you feel. Don’t just react to things and blame them for it. Make a change for the better and do what you love, what makes you happy.

I still love fashion, clothes, styling, etc. But I get my fix somewhere else (ahem Rachel Zoe). I have my buying compulsion down a bit and have refrained from going crazy. It’s all good.

So, here’s me. Finishing off this beast of an entry and hoping I got my point across without hitting someone. It just needed to be written and so it is.


My Scribblings Thus Far

I’ve loved to write since I can remember. It’s a part of me I’ll never outgrow. I remember writing on our MS-DOS computer (OA!). OK, maybe it was our Windows 95 one. There was even a time I remember trying to come up with a newsletter and the first news article was supposed to be about Princess Diana’s death.

I’ve come a long way from scratching out random sentences and making drafts. Here are some of the things I’ve been writing about recently:


P-3 stands for Progressive Pinoy Perspectives and it’s a crowd-sourced and curated source for everything pinoy. All its writers are Pilipino and we all write about anything under the sun. The site allows us to express our own viewpoints and share what’s been going on  in our lives. Here are the articles I’ve written so far:

UP Pride: Celebrating Gender Equality

UP’s Kidlat Victorious in the Shell Eco-Marathon Asia 2011

Avant Garde Designer Kermit Tesoro Shakes Up the Philippine Fashion Industry

Preparing for an Emergency, the Kampo Uno Way

Craving for Chocolate Cake? Try Chocolat

Fierce, Fun and Flirty: Care Divas on the PETA Stage

Padyak Your Way To Class

Spending Quality Tea Time in Moonleaf

Ukay : Style on a Budget

Quick Tips for Saving on a Student’s Budget

Visit Japan and Brazil this August and September all in UP DIliman

Cocina: UP Diliman’s Own Food Bazaar

No Place Like Maginhawa

Beep Beep: The UP Jeepney Guide

Dwindling Flames of Nationalism?

Travel With An Idiot Abroad

Engineering Beyond Numbers; Business Beyond Bills.

Floorball: The RP’s Hotttest New Sport

Pilipino Ideas Worth Spreading


I’m also the Editor-in-Chief of my college’s official student publication.


And of course this blog!

I’ve been a busy busy girl but I love every minute typing away at my computer (which is now a MacBook Pro in case any of you were wondering). This coming november I’m attempting NaNoWriMo (wrote about it here). I’ll blog here once in a while about my progress there. Fingers-crossed that I make it!

2011 NaNoWriMo

Today I decided I’m going to join NaNoWriMo this year. For those who don’t know, NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month. This is the one month in a year where writers are encouraged to write that ever-famous first novel. Well, second, third and fourth novels are welcomed too.

During November 1-30, writers from all over the world would be typing away trying to reach that 50K mark. Quality over Quantity. It doesn’t matter if it sucks as long as it gets written.

So, this year, I’m going to do just that. 50,000 words in one month. Excited!